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Airbourne wall and Staccato floor Angles collection Deirdre Dyson

‘I set myself the challenge of avoiding any curves and circles to see what could be achieved solely with angles. All these designs were created with just a set square and a ruler. Once I was happy with them, I concentrated on applying a variety of colours, using them to create a feeling of space and dimension’

Deirdre Dyson

With a focus on excellent customer service, Deirdre Dyson and her team take time to create the perfect bespoke carpet for each client. It has been a wonderfully busy first half of the year with the launch of the 2023 Angles collection in the company’s Paris and London galleries. Post pandemic, Deirdre and her team are happy to be sharing event launches again and collaborating in person with clients. 

Deirdre continues to create timeless, heirloom hand-knotted carpets and rugs of the highest quality, alongside providing exceptional personal service. The new Angles collection celebrates the interplay of angles and linear shapes. Dyson uses trigonometry and perfectly pitched colour combinations to create transparency and depth in wool and silk. Hand-knotted in Nepal, this collection demonstrates precision, refinement, and creativity.  

Akimbo Angles collection Deirdre Dyson

Optical illusions abound in Airborne. The triangular shapes featured have a real delicacy, appearing to float in the air. Can-Can ‘s striking graded colours pop against the black background.   

Can Can Angles collection Deirdre Dyson

The geometric shapes of both Clarity and Tension create the illusion of transparency. These two designs combine neutrals with blues and greens. Hover suggests movement with a visual imbalance created using asymmetric lines and dramatic contrasting colours as they catch shafts of sunlight. 

Energy Angles collection Deirdre Dyson

The carpet design Energy was created using opposed angles and stripes fighting for position giving name to its title because of its highly charged design. Freedom‘s design gives us an open space to fly between the silken bars of overlapping colours as they leap out against the graded neutral background. 

Hover Angles collection Deirdre Dyson
Freedom Angles collection Deirdre Dyson

Tension Angles collection Deirdre Dyson

Akimbo is a simple yet dynamic dance of repeated linear right angles shown in silken red and black. These fine contours can also be seen in Staccato, which combines soft neutral shades with black zigzags that suggest temp and excite the eye. For Tracks Dyson succeeded in creating the illusion of moving water using just straight lines and silk to suggest a sunlit surface.   

Clarity Angles collection Deirdre Dyson
Tracks Angles collection Deirdre Dyson

Our website is always available for visitors to explore our range of designs. However, to touch and feel Deirdre’s carpets allows you to really appreciate the colours, quality, and skill of our Nepalese weavers. This will tempt you to enjoy the shared process with our experienced team to create your own bespoke carpet. 

Deirdre Dyson

554 King’s Road
London SW6 2DZ
United Kingdom
Phone: +44 (0)20 7384 4464
E-mail: sales@deirdredyson.com


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