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The Naziri collection

‘Hundreds of years ago, a mystical way of carpet weaving began, beyond the art of the commonly known floral Persian carpets—emerging from the depths of the Zagros Mountains’

Lila Valadan

Naziri and sister company Lila Valadan are well-respected brand names on the international rug circuit, known not only for producing rug excellence but also for conjuring up exciting new ways to illustrate the narrative of Persian rugs. Naziri’s latest project is now revealed on the company’s new website, an online platform for the collections of Mohammad Naziri, a lifelong enthusiast for beauty and an inveterate adventurer.

Mohammad Naziri was born in Shiraz in 1947. It was at the young age of seven that his love affair with rugs began, when he sold his first rug in the city’s busy bazaar. At twelve he left Iran and travelled on his own, arriving after three years in Hamburg, where he became a warehouse worker. With his well-developed eye for rug design, it was not long before he became an important figure in the industry.

Rugs from the Naziri collection

Through fifty years of travelling, Mohammad Naziri collected rugs, always driven by a deep appreciation of art, not by the monetary value of the pieces. His rug collection became a testament to his exceptional taste and dedication to finding the most beautiful and one-of-a-kind pieces. Years after his passing, during the COVID-19 lockdown, his family honoured his legacy by reorganising their warehouse and photographing their spectacular collection, which had long been hidden. Now, a new Naziri website provides a gateway to this previously unrevealed world, and the warehouse in Hamburg is being transformed into an international hub.

Mohammad Naziri

‘Mohammad Naziri was not a merchant; he was an adventurer.’

Lila Valadan
Rugs from the Naziri collection

For the company Naziri, there has always been a strong narrative element to its commercial endeavours. In this project the brand brings life to a unique and rare collection of original vintage gabbeh and other pieces from southern Persian, telling the stories of exotic tribes and their distinctive rug art. Nomads from old Persia created this carpet artistry for their personal needs, not for commercial purposes. With myths and stories worked into the rugs’ designs, they represent gifts to loved ones, or the desire to beautify one’s surroundings. Naziri stands for rugs with a soul.

Rugs from the Naziri collection

More developments from the Hamburg-based company include an art exhibition at Domotex Hannover in 2024. Following the brand’s stunning ‘Four Seasons’ installation at Domotex in 2020, Naziri and Lila Valadan will come together to create an unparalleled event to showcase the intersection between design, art, and rugs. ‘Nighttime in a Palace’ will span over 400 square metres and house thirteen mesmerising art installations, featuring new and vintage rugs.

Rugs from the Naziri collection

‘A look at the collection will show that we deal with art. You can feel that the rugs have not been designed at a desk, it is not a strategy. The rugs are not part of a commercial plan. It is just art.’

Shayan Naziri
The Naziri family

For Naziri the rug experience is one of evolving narrative and soul. The company invites you to come to Hamburg or to Domotex Hannover in January 2024 to fully experience the collection and its true value in person.

Brook 9
20457 Hamburg
Phone: +49 (0)40 33 78 99
E-mail: hamburg@mnaziri.com


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