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‘What makes our product unique is both the quality, and the timeframe in which we fulfil the demands for our customers. The wash and finishing are most important. A professional rug seller can feel the texture and see the quality we have in finishing and washing.’

Barak Zai, Afghan Bazar

With over 70 years of experience in the rug industry, Afghan Bazar was first founded in Kabul in 1950 under the name Haji Rahman Qul Ltd with branches in Germany and Switzerland. Conflict and insecurity in the country in the 1960s led the company to move to Pakistan under a new name: Qazaq Carpets. The company found great successful particularly for its ‘Qazaq design carpets’. The fall of the Taliban saw the brand return to its homeland, where it settled as Afghan Bazar Carpets Manufacturing Company. 

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Afghan Bazar has grown in size and importance since its return to Afghanistan, now employing 7000 weavers working on looms in their homes throughout the country. Regular exhibitors at international shows such as Domotex Hanover and The Rug Show New York, the company is known for well made Afghan rugs with fantastic finishing and texture. 

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An exciting new event is set to take place this February! On 4-7 March 2022, Afghan Bazar will be holding an exclusive bale opening at the company’s warehouse in Lorton, Virginia, in the US. The company will be showing host of new designs in different qualities. The range on offer will cover everything from modern kilims and flatweaves, to shaggies, Moroccan designs and ushaks plus far more. 

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Afghan Bazar warehouse Lorton Virginia USA

‘The events of last year did affect us for the first few months but we managed to change the path of our deliveries within 45 days. Now we are doing shipments to Uzbekistan so it is all back to normal.’

Barak Zai, Afghan Bazar

For the February event, all rugs will be fresh on the market so it is an event not to be missed! Tribal designs with a soft feel have been in great demand for contemporary interiors for a while so it is no wonder that Afghan Bazar’s impressive ‘shaggies’ range has consistently been a best seller for the company, along with the brand’s excellent modern kilim designs. Afghan Bazar’s rugs are all about great texture and a contemporary aesthetic, so whether you are after cool geometric chic or a design that packs more of a punch, there will be a rug for every taste. 

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Rug by Afghan Bazar
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Production in Afghanistan has been difficult since the Taliban takeover on 15 August but Afghan Bazar have managed to keep the rugs flowing out of the country. However, with fairs and designs events affected by Covid-19, there are fewer opportunities to sell Afghanistan’s finest products. A intimate event at the company extensive warehouse—15 minutes from Arlington’s Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport—was the ideal solution.

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Barak Zai Afghan Bazar

‘Our production team did a great job. We have a whole load of new rugs ready to present so we decided why not do a show ourselves. We will have friends and colleagues coming to see us in Virginia.’

Barak Zai, Afghan Bazar

To be part of the exclusive sale in February, please contact Barak Zai on +1 703 615 6564 or barak.afghanbazar@gmail.com

Afghan Bazar Rug Reveal, 4-7 March 2022

Afghan Bazar

7371 Lockport Place, STE K, 
Lorton, VA 22079, USA
Phone: +1 703 615 6564
Email: barak.afghanbazar@gmail.com


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