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Silver Rose detail After Hours collection Wool Silk Rugs

‘The After Hours collection was born from the desire to do something that would catch people’s attention and push the boundaries of what we do with rug design.’

Anka Tezcan

A regular exhibitor at international rug and design events such as Domotex Hanover and The Rug Show, and frequent winner of Carpet Design Awards, the New Jersey-based firm Wool & Silk Rugs has developed a dedicated rug following. Founded in 2010 by artist Erbil Tezcan and Andrea Pahl, over the last twelve years the company has grown to be a well-respected, boutique-style family business, grand in ethos and passionate in outlook.

Blue Moon and Magic Hour After Hours collection Wool Silk Rugs

A regular exhibitor at international rug and design events such as Domotex Hanover and In 2022, Wool & Silk is launching the impressive and expressive After Hours collection, derived from the artwork of Santa Fe based artist Laura Wait. These bold rugs featuring dramatic motifs and strong colour palettes, were translated by Erbil from the paintings of Wait whose stunning artworks are inspired by ‘handwriting, mark-making, calligraphy, and other forms of symbol making’. Erbil was initially unable to contact the artist but made the first rug, Strawberry Moon, anyway. When Erbil and Anka finally managed to track Wait down in her home town of Sante Fe, she loved the transformation of her art from wall to floor. Erbil’s son Anka comments: ‘The same spirit of bravery which characterised the development of this collection is infused into the designs.’

No Exit detail After Hours collection Wool Silk Rugs

Each of the 9 designs in the After Hours collection has its own individual flavour. Strawberry Moon depicts ancient Asian scripts against modern graffiti symbols creating an intense layering of texts and cultures, also seen in a cooler palette in Blue Moon. The more sedate Rain Dance uses soft grey and ivory tones to express meandering marks and motifs.

More colour comes from Magic Hour, which is a riot of yellows mixed with other tones, Rooftop has a hint of green in shades of emerald, lime and honeydew while the lively Red Dawn demonstrates the artist’s processes. The last three expressive compositions—Silver Rose, No Exit and Street Art—comprise similar palettes of greys with highlights in lime green, bold orange and hints of blue, white and black, all a complex endeavour in rug weaving.

Rain Dance and Red Dawn After Hours collection Wool Silk Rugs

‘We realised that somehow all of the names were related to the hours of the night—when an artist translates the raw energy of the moon and some element of other-worldly energy becomes infused in their work. Certain images come to mind—a painter fiercely brushing his canvas in the hours after midnight, or a couple decorating the streets with ideas about how to be bold in this world. This collection is a metaphor for that which inspires innovation in our work and the decision to take chances.’

Anka Tezcan
Rooftop detail After Hours collection Wool Silk Rugs

The After Hours collection is produced in Nepal, where Wool & Silk Rugs work with two 150 knot qualities—one a wool and silk blend and one 100% silk. During lockdown in 2020 Erbil Tezcan completed his development of a new texture, creating a look that feels ‘earthy and organic’. The ‘knubby patina’ gives the rugs and colours a new depth and dimension, particularly in 100% silk. In terms of colours, Wool & Silk rugs in the year ahead will feature palettes that reflect fabric trends, such as increasingly popular green shades. Neutral pieces will emphasise a warmer palette.

Street Art and Strawberry Moon After Hours collection Wool Silk Rugs

‘More than nature or art, life itself is an inspiration for the rugs. We see art and nature as one theme. In both cases, some sort of essence is being expressed from either the individual or the earth. We are simply bringing those rich expressions into people’s lives and hopefully inspiring them to also witness these small and large forms of artistry all around them.’

Erbil Tezcan

In 2022, Wool & Silk will continue to promote their beautiful product as the artistic expression that it is—as art that deserves to be appreciated as something beyond a rug and closer to a statement piece suited to elevate the space it inhabits.

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