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Nordic Nature collection rug Rezas

‘We expect everyone to keep an eye on the details and love the craftsmanship as much as we do.’

Reza Rejaye

The Rezas stand at European trade fairs such as Maison & Objet Paris and Domotex Hanover is without fail always buzzing with activity, with loyal buyers flocking to select rugs to suit their clientele’s taste from the vast range on offer. It is perhaps no surprise as the company, founded in 1991, is northern Europe’s largest oriental and modern rug wholesaler. Its original mission was to bring high-quality rugs to people everywhere, which began with the company finding and sourcing oriental rugs from Persia and Asia. For the past 20 years, it has been designing and making modern rug collections too. The majority of Rezas rugs are made in India—typically in the Uttar Pradesh region near the Ganges River—but it also offers new hand-knotted rugs from all over Persia, as well as a huge variety of other types spanning a wide range of styles, traditions and trends. Thick-pile gabbehs and traditional Persian court carpets are available alongside transitional and contemporary designs.

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The company headquarters are in central Denmark and its contemporary collections tend to have a modern Scandanavian style. Its Odense showroom boasts up to 100,000 rugs for visiting clients to choose from and, in summer 2020, the company opened a capsule shop-in-shop in the home furnishings department of the prestigious Illums Bolighus store in the centre of Copenhagen.

‘We only partner with the best rug producers and work hard to respect the local traditions, spirit and ethics of the regions that we operate in. We follow the production processes of all our rugs closely, so that everything from the quality and durability of the materials to the styles and designs are something that we are proud to offer.’

Reza Rejaye
Landscape collection rugs Rezas

Quality raw materials are central to Rezas rug production. Wools are selected to suit the rug type and stay true to the origin of each style—robust highland wool for rug styles rooted in nomadic cultures; the smoothest silk-like wool for the finely knotted high-end production. High quality viscose comes from fast-growing bamboo, a renewable resource from Asia, growing up to 23 metres every year. When used in rugs, the soft, smooth fibre gives the impression of walking on velvet. Natural pigments are extracted to colour the fibres, using traditional natural dye recipes that result in deep complex tones without the need for harsh chemicals and solvents. New materials and production techniques are constantly being developed to build upon the rug weaving tradition and keep it relevant to today’s consumer demands.

Rezas’ huge variety of rugs is divided into thirty-six collections core collections, each differing from the others technically and stylistically. Five recently launched collections are highlighted here at COVER Curates.

Harvest collection rug Rezas

Harvest uses the finest Persian wool to create thick, heavyweight rugs hand-knotted the traditional way and brimming with character and warmth. The linear designs are knotted in silk which provides a delightful contrast with the wool.

Seduction is an exclusive collection hand-knotted in India with 100 knots per square inch, using a high-quality wool and viscose blend for optimal shine. No two rugs are entirely alike and the collection incorporates a wide variety of designs and colourways, ranging from calm neutrals, to vibrant reds and deep blues.

Seduction collection rug Rezas

Landscape is inspired by the many and varied, changing surfaces of planet earth. Designs such as River, Cliff, Cave, Fields and Desert offer minimal, stylised interpretations of some of the most magical and breathtaking locations in the world.

The three Nordic collections—Nature, Flair and Touch—are the result of many months’ technical innovation and experimentation. Drawing upon simple Scandinavian style, they let texture do the talking. Gently abrashed colour and compex weave structures add depth to these flatweave rug’s intricate monochrome surfaces, which are framed by elongated tassels. Nordic Flair uses high-quality wool, while Nordic Nature uses a wool and jute blend to add an extra durable textural dimension.

The three Panorama collections—Wool, Uni and Kelim—offer gradual colour gradation shifts in three distinctive techniques bringing simplicity with dynamism and an outstanding choice of textures underfoot.

Panorama collection rugs Rezas

Rezas launched a brand new website and catalogue in late 2021, presenting its core modern collections in attractive interior spaces with detailed shots of available textures. In 2022, Rezas will be improving its webservices and digital customer engagement, enabling retail clients to offer products directly from its online inventory on their own branded webshops. Plus, it will develop its basic-medium range to bring it up to the same level, choice-wise as its existing high-end luxury offerings.

‘We only want to create rugs of the highest quality. Rugs that you are proud to own.’

Reza Rejaye
Panorama Kelim Rezas

Rezas comprehensive range of rugs is matched by excellent customer service and superior organisational capacity, making them a sound choice of company for professional retailers looking for well packaged products geared towards their own clientele; A fact attested to by the company’s long-standing popularity.


Unsbjergvej 20
5220 Odense SØ, Denmark
Phone: +45 65 93 40 91
E-mail: info@rezasrugs.com


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