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Ambient detail Sonance collection Creative Matters

‘At Creative Matters, we create exceptional, original, high quality and ethically-produced floor coverings and wall coverings using the highest principles of design, production and humanitarianism, in the spirit of excellence, professionalism and integrity.’

Carol Sebert

It is the company’s outstanding professionalism, boundless creativity and diversity of high-end product that ensure Toronto-based Creative Matters Inc is the go-to brand for top interior designers, premium interior projects and rug aficionados. Headed by Carol Sebert, Ana Cunningham and Ali McMurter, the firm’s international clientele ranges from luxury retailers like Gucci, Tom Ford NYC and Louis Vuitton, to hotels, corporate offices, private homes, diplomatic residences and embassies worldwide.

Since the company’s foundation back in 1988, not only has Creative Matters built up a portfolio of countless sought-after rug collections and worked on deluxe projects with top interior designers such as Yabu Pushelberg and Gachot Studios but they have always striven to put art as the driving factor behind all design work. The company’s regular Art Day workshops highlight the skills of Creative Matters’ talented and artistically-minded team in the resulting rug collections. For these handmade products, the visible ‘hand’ is an essential element of every Creative Matters rug.

The Sonance collection is Creative Matters’ latest luxury hand-knotted rug offering in Tibetan wool and Chinese silk. It asks the question: can sound be reflected and re-imagined through art? Eight engaging designs, hand-knotted in Nepal, were developed through watercolour painting and depict different forms of sound, from abstract to musical, from smooth to angular. Each versatile design has its own tone, its own rhythm and its own delicate balance of colour and mark-making.

Ambient Gradient and Chord Gradient Sonance collection Creative Matters
Chord Sonance collection Creative Matters

Prism depicts an acoustic prism, where sound waves bend or spread out, while Chord’s soft lines suggest a repeated sound. The soft warm tones and curved lines of Hymn intimate a calm lullaby, while the Rubato design is expressive, rhythmic and deeper in colour, hinting at a succession of chords. Ambient’s flowing composition and Resonant’s soft repeated shapes both have a sense of echoing tunes. Ambient Gradient, Chord Gradient and Resonant Gradient take the alluring colour palettes from the original designs and express them as subtle colour gradients—the first in Creative Matters’ design archive.

Hymn Sonance collection Creative Matters

We believe the Sonance collection anticipates major trends, exploring designs with comforting shapes and unusual colour combinations.’

Ali McMurter
Prism and Rubato detail Sonance collection Creative Matters

Alongside Sonance, is the new textural Macrame collection, which highlights the beauty of undyed wool with coloured accents. As well as developing exclusive projects in Europe, Creative Matters will be busy developing new lines that take inspiration from the effortless effect of mid-century modern design.

Ethical practice is high on the agenda with the Canadian brand, which produce hand-knotted rugs Nepal, India and Afghanistan as well as working with mills to produce rugs in other construction methods, including hand-tufted and flatweave. Safe working conditions and ecological standards are a priority, so Creative Matters is a committed Label STEP Partner. In 2022, Creative Matters will invest more into reducing the firm’s carbon footprint and continue to develop best practices to assure the well-being of workers in the handmade rug industry.

Resonant Gradient Sonance collection Creative Matters

‘As a licensed Label STEP partner, Creative Matters produces the Sonance Collection under fair trade conditions. Committed to producing floor coverings that meet safe working conditions and best ecological standards, Creative Matters works both locally and globally ensuring all parties throughout the supply chain are engaging in responsible business practices.’

Ana Cunningham 
Resonant Sonance collection Creative Matters

Combining the best in creative thinking and intelligent business development, Creative Matters knows how to make contemporary rugs that resonate perfectly with global markets. The Sonance collection is a musical ode to what hand-knotted rugs can achieve.

Creative Matters

532 Annette Street, Toronto, Ontario
Canada, M6S 2C2
Phone: +416 934-9771
For North American Inquiries E-mail: cmi@creativemattersinc.com
For European Inquiries E-mail: clemence@creativemattersinc.com


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