DOMOTEX asia 2024

March 27, 2024

DOMOTEX asia returns to the National Convention & Exhibition Center until 28–30 May 2024

After a record-breaking number of visitors to the last edition, DOMOTEX asia/CHINAFloor returns for the 26th time this year, promising to showcase the full spectrum of innovations, trends and technologies shaping the future of flooring.

There will be 1600 exhibitors, and two dedicated rug and carpet halls, featuring leading companies in the industry including Paulig, Voxfloor and Oriental Weavers. Throughout these brands, attendees can expect to see a growing emphasis on sustainability, with carpet and flooring manufacturers unveiling eco-friendly materials and production processes at the show.

Design diversity remains a cornerstone of DOMOTEX asia/ CHINAFloor, with a plethora of styles, patterns and textures on display to cater to diverse consumer preferences. Whether it’s minimalist Scandinavian designs or intricate Oriental motifs, the exhibition showcases an extensive range of options to inspire architects, designers and homeowners alike.

As the flooring industry evolves, DOMOTEX asia/ CHINAFloor remains an epicenter of innovation, offering invaluable networking opportunities, market insights and access to the most comprehensive range of flooring products and solutions.

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