Beautiful new rug showrooms at DCCH London

March 15, 2024

New carpet showrooms at Design Centre Chelsea Harbour were the focus of Denna Jones' visit to London Design Week

One way to imaginatively reconsider London’s internationally renowned Design Centre Chelsea Harbour is as a large, white ocean liner with a permanent dock in a marina on the River Thames. Picture how in the wee hours each night DCCH slips her mooring to sail the seas and return laden with exemplary, innovative and magical interior design products and ideas. DCCH invites such magical thinking. Its allure is allied to its range of practical amenities such that more and more brands are locating to DCCH or enlarging their showroom footprint. Three rug companies that have done so recently: Jaipur Rugs, Wendy Morrison and The Rug Company.

Wendy Morrison showroom at DCCH

Family-owned Jaipur Rugs soft launched their inaugural London showroom at DCCH during London Design Week March 2024. The light filled space was reached via an enfilade of pink Mughal arch-shaped “jharokhas” (windows) that referenced Hawa Mahal palace in Jaipur. Once inside there is a feeling of endless possibilities as if viewing the world from the roof of the palace itself. When I visited, the space had only been open two days and was still a work in progress. If Jaipur Rugs’ Dubai showroom designed by @designbyroar to evoke Rajasthan’s vernacular stepwells is any guide, expect a similarly spectacular and experiential space at DCCH. Highlights will include the hand-knotted masterpieces of the Manchaha collection, the contemporary flair of the Genesis collection, and the Inde Rose collection inspired by India’s lush gardens. Equally important to the new showroom is Jaipur Rugs’ decision to expand the showroom’s function to “cultural exchange” so it becomes a “vibrant hub” to allow visitor participation in “the rich heritage and artistry of Indian rug-making”. 

Jaipur Rugs design in the company’s new DCCH showroom

Continuing the theme of a voyage of discovery, as well as Mughal-inspired art, is the newly expanded showroom of Wendy Morrison. Now double its previous size, the showroom immerses the visitor in a magical world. Hand knotted, tufted and crewel embroidered rugs and hangings create the feeling of a “gallery”, and among those exhibited is the ethereal Mughal Painting hand knotted rug inspired by a 16th century Mughal miniature painting. Visitors can now “take in every detail and appreciate the quality of our handcrafted pieces … more breathing space [creates the ability to] absorb everything around you”. Unsurprisingly the expanded showroom has seen increased footfall since the expansion. “Our intention was to create a space to enjoy works of art for your floor that will make you smile, which we have certainly seen a lot of this week”.

The Rug Company at DCCH

Not far from Chelsea Harbour is London’s famed King’s Road. As King’s Road shifted to fashion-led retail an exodus of interior design related businesses followed. A notable recent émigré from King’s Road to DCCH is The Rug Company. Like Jaipur Rugs, The Rug Company was just moving in during London Design Week, but the space was already a trove of possibilities. Located in Design Centre North, their new site is notable for its highly visible ground floor location opposite the Lots Road main entrance to DCCH. If DCCH is the ocean liner of design, then The Rug Company is its anchor, ensuring visitors consciously or subliminally see it and absorb the endless possibilities handmade rugs have to increase our quality of life. 

A Mughal Painting rug and its designer Wendy Morrison

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