Five rugs for December

December 20, 2023

Five rugs for Christmas that are deep and crisp and even

For this selection of Christmas rugs, I was drawn to snowy shades and textures. Inspired by Pursley Dixon Ford Interior Design’s primary bedroom design, A Breath of Fresh Air, at the recent Kips Bay Dallas, white on white was the theme for this month. Of their room, the design studio commented: ‘sometimes it is not what you could say, but leave unsaid, that is most impactful’. In the calm room, a thick Loloi rug provided a soft spot for bare feet to land by the bed and, beneath that, were a pair of Kyle Bunting hair-on-hide rugs. Here we find five wintery rugs that do white so beautifully.

Chinoiserie, Vintage Weaves collection, Cogolin

La Manufacture Cogolin creates bespoke, three dimensional rugs that act as pieces of sculptural art for the floor while also being emblematic of traditional southern European rugs. The Vintage Weaves collection re-edits four floral and geometric designs from Cogolin’s archives. Rugs like this white Chinoiserie design are hand-knotted in high relief.

Geneva, Wool and Silk 

This hand-knotted rug design invites you to walk into a wintery wonderland, a peaceful scene of trees covered in snow and heir reflection in icy water. Here the design includes icy blues, whites and creams and dark shades of grey and black to create the landscape. 

Hemp rug, Kirkit 

You may think ‘Oh its just a completely white rug’, but as a new addition to Kirkit’s monochrome hand-knotted rug series, the recycled hemp offers an amazing texture, so the surface has a very complex appearance. There is a sense of a design emerging from the white. To understand how the collection of designs by Muhammed Türk first evolved see the article ‘The minimalist and the moon’ in COVER 58.

Cloud Sumac, Art + Loom

Hand-loomed in 100% wool, this carved design looks like it is sculptured out of snow! It features a flatwoven base with a carved pile pattern and looks like a really soft, appealing place to walk. 

Alpaca rug, Sumaq Alpaca

We could not feature a range of soft, white rugs without including a rug from Sumaq Alpaca. The company is committed to sustainable design so their alpaca is raised by local independent ranchers in the mountains of Peru. Described as the ‘fibre of the Gods’ alpaca was once considered more valuable than even silver and gold and when you feel it, you can believe it!

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