COVER’s favourite rug designs of 2023

December 20, 2023

The COVER team's favourite rugs from 2023

It’s a tradition that at the end of the year, everyone on the COVER team chooses a favourite rug from the last four issues of the magazine. Raquel Diaz Downey cheated somewhat by choosing a piece of textile art by Signe Emdal. However, so exquisitely beautiful is that textile that I allowed this compromise. 

When flicking through the last four COVERs, I found about ten rugs I wanted to list as my favourites—perhaps more. Therefore, I was thrilled that many of the team chose rugs that I picked and I managed to be slightly less indulgent and whittle my choices down to two. The best part is that I feel everyone chose something exciting and something perhaps a bit unpredictable, not feeling tied down to a particular company name or a style that they would normally go for.

I truly love the selection of eleven rugs we have gathered here. Maybe if we were to pick again next week or if we were to meet the rugs in person we would select differently, but this week, here are our choices. There are so many beautiful, inspiring rugs that we get to see every day and so many of those that photos undervalue, there will always be injustice in our decisions, but we hope that you appreciate what we selected. Keep on inspiring us please!

Lucy Upward

Effusion, Alix Waline x Pinton, chosen by Kanittha Mairaing, COVER Design & Production

‘Alix Waline is one of my favourite visual artists. Her style is really on trend and so her design is, of course, a very cool rug.’

Mandala, Christopher Farr, chosen by Malin Lonnberg, COVER Deputy Editor 

‘Through a clever use of the geometry of traditional mandala this rug becomes a woven omphalos. And demonstrates that the trappings of contemplation need not be minimalist.’ 

Pomme d’Or, Maison Rhizomes, chosen by David Young, COVER Sales & Marketing Director

‘This design subtly plays with the cosy hues of terracotta, sunny yellow, and soft pink, taking cues from the intriguing world of Corbusier tapestries. Delicate black details add a touch of understated charm, creating a composition that feels both comforting and quietly captivating.’

Calendar Stone, Gavin Harris x Designer Rugs, chosen by Rachel Meek, COVER Assistant Editor

‘Simultaneously graphic and naturalistic at once, this design reminds me of the satisfying and incredibly ordered, but not too uniform, patterns seen in seed heads. Plus its name has an intriguing archaic/folk/mystic ring to it.’

Silky Way, Signe Emdal, chosen by Raquel Diaz Downey, COVER Advertising Sales

‘I find this textile extremely powerful and at the same time incredibly gentle in terms of colouring. For me it is both uplifting and creative.’

Splash Galileo Multishape No. 17 by Rug Star, and Plume Pine, Tufenkian, chosen by Lucy Upward, COVER Editor

Splash Galileo Multishape No 17 Rug Star

Plume Pine Tufenkian

‘I’m a painter at heart and not only do I love the creative process but I also love to look at paintings that demonstrate it. Rug designs can be quite static, the solidity of the object and the density of the wool mean it can be hard to show delicacy, layers, and a feeling of spontaneity. Not only do I love the colours of this design by Rug Star but I love the feeling of energy and creativity it exudes. With the Tufenkian rug, I can also approach it with my painter head on and say I like the balanced composition of lines and mark making, which overlap to give depth. I also love the restrained palette, with hits of a pale blue and shades of turquoise, I can imagine using this one at home.’

Terrazzo, Studio Potato, chosen by Radostina Dobreva, COVER Design & Production

‘I love the terrazzo effect of the rug and the colour combination. Just a fun design that pleases me.’

Omibōzu, Krjst Studio x Édition 1.6.9, chosen by David Phillips, COVER International Senior Sales

‘A totally unique design that I found really appealing, I love the colours, textures and shape.’

Taufa, Jaipur Rugs, chosen by Elena Wyszynski, COVER Social Media Editor

‘This rug’s charm lies in the incredible spontaneity of its design, which is thanks to the fact that the control over its patterns and composition was placed in the hands of the weaver—something that happens so rarely but evidently should take place more!’

Tapileo, Amini, chosen by Ben Evans, COVER Executive Editor

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‘The long pile and playful character of the lion makes me want to stroke this seemingly tamed beast as though it is my house pet; it also conjures up a scene of a 1970’s chic interior seen through thick-rimmed glasses, and filled with cocktails, cigarette smoke and acres of suede and corduroy.’

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