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April 03, 2023

For 2023 neutrals are turning deeper and darker, welcoming shades of brown

Last year brown (almost) became the new black in fashion circles. Autumn 2022 saw many shades of cocoa, camel, chocolate and chestnut adorn the figures of the fashion forward crowd. Interior trends often follow in fashion’s wake and so it comes as no surprise that brown is a colour for 2023 interior spaces. 

In January 2023, Elle Decor announced ‘Forget gray; brown is 2023’s new neutral.’ In the same month, British Vogue captured the quotes from a number of interior designers about this dive into strong earthy tones such as pinks and browns. Malibu-based Sarah Solis commented: ‘I’m loving everything brown, and this year we’ll be seeing the use of creamier, warmer whites, and earth tones of taupe – and all shades of brown.’ New York’s Danielle Colding said ‘Earth tones continue to dominate as we all recover from years of all-grey-everything PTSD. Earthy browns were my prediction last year, and that continues.’

For 2023, the neutrals of last year are about to get a bit richer and a bit stronger. In interiors there is a trend for restorative and comforting colours. Brown is a hue that evokes feeling of safety and security as well as warmth. It plays into the idea of us wanted to create more natural, healthy and nurturing environments to live in. Many brown rugs are undyed, using wool in its natural state. The colour brown is also has a real sense of heritage and history to it, brown has been around since the beginning. 

Here we show ten rugs which demonstrate the understated elegance and grounding nature of brown. 

Crafted Settings rug collection Tempaper Co

Arjumand Pavrita Rajamun x Jaipur Rugs

Akira Caleido Concept No 2 Collection Battilossi

Gizem Hands

Tulu Manglam Arts

Design NA438B French Accents

Kraken edition 169 x KRJST STUDIO

Nova collection rug Kes Studio x Marc Phillips

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