Carpet Design Awards Highlights

February 03, 2023

The ones that somehow got away at the Carpet Design Awards 2023

The 18th Carpet Design Awards took place at Domotex Hanover last month. For each of the eight categories a winner was found by the CDA jury and we published the winning designs here on the COVER website on 13 January. However, of the circa 200 total entries there were plenty of stunning designs that did not get through that definitely deserve some attention. Therefore, over the next few months we will be publishing some of the other deserving entries for our readers to peruse. This week we look at designs from Category 1, Best Studio Artist Design. While the designs are very varied, one thing they have in common is creativity. From Isabel Infante‘s rope rug Coatl and Andrey Budko‘s Hear My Roooar felt tigers to an interpretation of Inuit artist Ooloosie Saila’s work by Creative Matters and Dena Lawrence‘s expressive style, it is a wonderful category where innovative ideas and a freedom of expression take centre stage. 

Ladislaus Reuber Henning

Desert Eyes Dena Lawrence

CAN CAN Deidre Dyson

Niches Simone Haug

Mr Happy Face Edward Wakefield

Skull and Roses Studio 321B Ltd

Coatl Isabel Infante

Fortuity David Mrugala

Hear My Roooar Andrey Budko

Untitled Winter Sunset Creative Matters Ltd

Which would you have voted for? 

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