COVER Connect New York preview part 4

With less than a month to go before COVER Connect New York starts on 11 September 2022, we cannot wait for the Metropolitan Pavilion in Manhattan to open its doors to the twenty-two premium rug companies that will be showing their latest designs with us. 

Register to attend COVER Connect New York and RSVP to the opening party, hosted in partnership with Label STEP and held on the evening of 11 September. COVER Connect New York is open from 9am-5pm on 11 and 12 September and from 9am-1pm on 13 September. 

We look forward to seeing you in New York! 


— Outstanding textures — Stylish elegance

‘At COVER Connect New York we will be showing highlights and updates from some of our existing collection with a focus on Caleido 1 and Avita. With our CCNY presentation, the three important factors we want to get across to visitors are originality, beauty and service. These are three elements that Battilossi can offer its clients.’


The rugs of Turin-based brand Battilossi are the result of sixty years of experience and endless research into textile furnishings. A long journey marked by three founding principles: quality, originality and beauty. This is accompanied by a desire to strengthen the timeless bond with the past and a continuous tension that drives Battilossi to create new forms that look to the future.


— Creative Vision — Exquisite hand-knotting —

‘The Cover Connect show has been an effective way of reaching our clients. After the great success of the last show, we are unveiling three new collections from Modern. As well as other new designs we are also showing some of our Bamyan and Antique Persian rugs. Our brand always looks after our clients. We offer them exquisite modern and traditional, hand-knotted rugs that preserve an ancient art by interpreting it for today’s market.’


Since 1978, Caravan Rugs has been helping designers make their creative visions a reality. The brand’s showroom, located in the heart of the Beverly Hills features exquisite modern and traditional, hand-knotted rugs. Caravan Rugs aims to introduce an elevated level of luxury to the market. For COVER Connect New York Caravan will be introducing three important new collections in the brand’s Modern category. 


Commitment to Excellence — Classic meets Modern

‘We are excited to showcase many new designs like our Aubusson reimagined, our new Worn Classic line, and many more from various collections. COVER Connect has been an absolute pleasure to be a part of, and we are excited to be back again! We like simplifying classic motifs to make them more accessible for contemporary lifestyles. Our rugs are special because of their rich textures, and our ability to push boundaries with colours, designs, and age-old techniques.’

French Accents

For over two decades, French Accents has been a leader in the hand-knotted rug industry. The company has emphasised its use of texture, colours, and a strong focus on design as the recipe for its success. French Accents’ commitment to excellence is derived from a deep appreciation for classical aesthetics. French Accents‘ mission is to create meaningful rugs that transcend time and trends.


Art Underfoot Finest Quality

‘Being involved in a curated show with like-minded companies that are all passionate about the artistry and craftsmanship of rugs is really important to us. At COVER Connect New York we bring some exciting new designs such as Papillon, Printemps, La Danse and Haze. For us inspiration has recently come from the garden, we are bringing the outdoors in! We also love black, white and neutrals, which reflects in the new collections.’

New Moon

New Moon was born out of a love for fine art and fine craftsmanship. Using only the finest hand-spun Tibetan wool, Chinese silk, and other natural fibres, Erika Kurtz and her design team combine the materials in unique and artful ways to allow for an array of wonderful textures, pile heights and extraordinary designs. From bespoke creations to the vast selection of New Moon designs ready to fit any space, each New Moon rug is a true work of art underfoot.

Register to attend COVER Connect New York 2022

COVER’s boutique show for leading high-end rug brands returns to Manhattan from 11-13 September with a larger and more ambitious format. Register here.

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COVER Connect New York will open at 9am on Sunday 11 September at Metropolitan Pavilion in Manhattan with the opening party taking place that evening (venue TBC). Opening hours for the event are 9am-5pm on the first two days and on Tuesday 13 CCNY will close at 1pm.

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