The Buckingham Palace Rug

December 08, 2021

Floor plan by Johanna Ulfsak featured in the Adorno London 2021 event back in September as part of the London Design Festival

Floor plan by Johanna Ulfsak was one of our favourite and certainly the most memorable rug design on show for the London Design Festival in September. It was part of the Adorno London 2021 event, which comprised eight virtual experiences and three real-life exhibitions, demonstrating work from eight different countries under the heading ‘Designing Futures’.

<em>Floor plan<em> Johanna Ulfsak

Tallinn-based artist and textile designer Johanna Ulfsak’s rug Floor Plan was part of Adorno London’s Estonia collection—titled ‘Revisiting the Past’—which focused on ‘tracking the everyday’ and translating the past into contemporary design. The wool and silk rug, which was hand-knotted in Nepal, depicts the floor plan of London’s very own 775-roomed Buckingham Palace. While the layout is accurate according to all available information, it was actually mapped out by the visiting public, leaving areas of the royal building a complete mystery.

<em>Floor plan<em> Johanna Ulfsak

In 2018 Johanna Ulfsak launched her first rug collection under the title NO FUN RUGS with the second collection following in 2019. See more of her work in a future issue of COVER magazine. 

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