TSAR Carpets introduces its latest series of hand-tufted rug designs, Forma

August 24, 2021

Featuring 25 bold and energetic patterns, Forma represents TSAR Carpets’ most innovative collection to date


A global industry leader in luxury custom-made carpets and rugs, Melbourne-based TSAR Carpets is pleased to introduce the new Forma collection, an expansive series of high-concept, hand-tufted floor coverings that set a new high-watermark in rug design and manufacturing techniques. Available from August 2021, the collection will be sold exclusively at TSAR’s studios in Melbourne, Sydney, New York, London, and Shanghai.

Forma, TSAR Carpets. Art Direction / Styling: Nat Turnbull. Photography: Lillie Thompson

Featuring original, never-before-seen textures, colour combinations and inspired patterns, the collection explores the themes of energy and optimism — blurring the lines of applied design and fine art. The investigation of organic motifs; meticulous textures and fibre combinations; new layering techniques; and seamless gradient transitions by TSAR Carpets’ in-house team of talented designers has resulted in a mesmerising collection teeming with playful expression.

‘The goal was to create designs that exemplify and embody the dawn of a new beginning,’ says Teresa Ceberek, TSAR Carpets Design Manager. ‘The word ‘forma’ is a playful nod to the imaginative and uplifting shapes in each of the rug’s patterns, as well as the abstract silhouettes of the rugs themselves.’

The collection was designed over the last twelve months during COVID-19 lockdown—a time in which each member of the design team found themselves going on solitary daily walks around their respective neighbourhoods. These moments of meditative excursion inspired the collection’s incorporation of natural textures and patterns, including cracked earth formations and moss growing on rocks. The design process provided a source of escapism during a dark and challenging time, which is evident in the collection’s use of dazzling and vibrant colours and exaggerated forms.

‘Mixing natural references and surreal compositions is a direct reflection of our collective headspace at the time of the collection’s conception,’ says Ceberek.

Forma, TSAR Carpets. Art Direction / Styling: Nat Turnbull. Photography: Lillie Thompson

In addition to being the largest TSAR Carpets collection to date, Forma also represents the first time the company has employed refined fading techniques to achieve new gradients, as well as the first time TSAR has utilised ribbon yarn as a material to create sculptural rug dimensions. TSAR owns and controls the entire manufacturing process, which provides unparalleled control over quality and ensures each piece meets the most stringent of standards.

‘Due to the success and popularity of our previous textural collections, including Saltwater and Lagoon, the team experimented with new construction and fade techniques to produce never before seen textures, patterns and fibre combinations that push the limits of virtuosic hand-tufted rug manufacturing,’ says Ceberek.

TSAR Carpets partnered with Melbourne-based stylist and art director Nat Turnbull to bring the collection to life. Nat was able to visually capture the new and experimental textures that TSAR Carpets developed through captivating, energetic and highly stylised vignettes—reflective of the brand’s affinity for quality design.

Each incredibly durable rug found in the Collection is hand-tufted from the finest grade of 100% New Zealand wool, undyed wool, Tencel, ribbon yarn, and Lurex, which is a type of shiny, light-reflecting yarn that features metallic properties. Each design has gone through many rounds of sampling to achieve the intended outcome. Specification, colours and design scale can also be altered to suit any project. The collection is available in the following 25 patterns and colour-ways: Arlo; Bean; Cali; Cleo; Coda; Cruz; Dynasty; Eden; Helix; Hollis; Kinsey; Lucy; Mai; Muse; Origin; Paradiso; Pompidou; Rae; River; Rize; Rumi; Swell; Wave; Yin; Zara.

View TSAR Carpets Forma collection online at tsarcarpets.com and contact info@tsar.com.au for more information.

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