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March 02, 2021

With so much of our time spent indoors due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is no wonder that there is an increased craving for the natural world. From colours that evoke fields, lakes and the sea to sustainable plant-based fibres, here are some woven creations from select COVER Connect exhibitors that can help to bring the outdoors in

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The ground is in bloom with Wool & Silk Rugs’ Wildflowers collection. Inspired by a field bursting with life, the range is available in two colourways: Spring, featured here, and  Summer, which has a calming blue-grey palette. Floor_Story’s circular Tropical rug is a celebration of greenery, hand-knotted in wool and silk. Despite its spiky design, Thorn II from Noa Living’s  Liana  collection is made of soft, virgin wool. The hand-knotted rug is available in three colourways.


Land meets the sea in Warp & Weft’s Sisal W4 Sea Grass  rug— the piece is handwoven in seagrass and raffia, a natural fibre made from raffia palm tree leaves. Jaipur Rug’s hand-knotted  Hula  rug is made entirely from jute, a natural fibre from the stalk of the giant, tropical Corchorus plant. Featured here is the Eucalyptus / Natural variation, but it is available in five colourways. Kirkit Rugs’  Purity  collection is made of unbleached and undyed goat hair and hemp, all recycled from existing textiles. The Istanbul-based company also offers 100% hemp rugs. Other collections that reuse and recycle old textiles into new rugs include Harcourt Collection’s Harvest, Reza’s Sari Silk and Sahar’s Transition Remix, which are all entirely woven from vintage sari silk.


Two rugs by Chilean designer Luz Mendez translate the colours of her homeland’s seas into woven form: Movimiento del agua, or ‘Water Movement’, is in this slideshow, while Marea Alta (‘High Tide’) was featured in COVER 54 (Spring 2019). Ocean  by Knots Rugs is a hand-knotted circular rug inspired by the colours of the seas, with bespoke colourways available on request. Tania Johnson’s new Venezia  collection pays homage to Venice’s water-stained architecture, but water is a long-standing spur to creativity for the designer. Her  Water  collection is based on her photographs of rain and ripples—Splash, available in five colourways, captures a moment of raindrops falling on a lake.

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