Luxury Brands 2018: Hossein Rezvani, Zollanvari, Edelgrund, Rug Star

March 13, 2018

The second edition of COVER and Domotex asia/CHINAFLOOR’s curated Luxury Brands exhibition is taking place at DACF in Shanghai on 20-22 March 2018. Each week leading up to the show we will focus on four of the 16 high-end exhibiting companies

The second edition of COVER and Domotex asia/CHINAFLOOR’s curated Luxury Brands exhibition is taking place at DACF in Shanghai on 20-22 March 2018.
Each week leading up to the show we will focus on four of the 16 high-end exhibiting companies. On the last week of our series we look at four more brands that will be coming to Shanghai next week.

Hossein Rezvani

Hosein Rezvani at SPM Ramin Salsali Private Museum , Ramin Salsali Private Museum , Alserkal Avenue ( Dubai ) UAE (photo by Ajith Narendra) ( ITP Images);24-10-2016_Hosein Rezvani_HBZI;hosein rezvani

Hamburg’s designer to the celebrities, Hossein Rezvani, is known for his stunning 21st-century Persian carpets, which revive traditional Iranian designs for contemporary interiors. He grew up to appreciate the intrinsic role the Persian rug plays in Iranian art and culture but it wasn’t until 2007 that he had the idea to revolutionise the Persian carpet. His high-quality designs, which are made with up to one million knots per square metre, are hand- woven in Isfahan and have revived some of Iran’s most treasured designs. His carpets have won many design awards internationally.



Reza Zollanvari Option 1_preferred

Originally founded in Iran in 1947, this Swiss-based company is now a leading international creative force, responsible for some of the best traditional and contemporary Iranian rugs on the market today. Zollanvari carpets embody the spirit of Persian carpet design and weaving. The company’s latest work combines the best of the tradition with an innovative contemporary aesthetic. Zollanvari has been active in the Chinese market since 2012 and now retails through the rm’s outlet in Wuhan (Hubei), where a selection of modern and tribal designs is stocked.




Drawing on three generations’ worth of experience in Iranian weaving, over the last six years this German brand has quickly established an international reputation. This is built on recognition of its ability to take aspects of the age-old traditions of Persian kilim and tribal weavings and revitalising them with a contemporary aesthetic, thereby introducing Persian rugs to many new markets. With designs like those from the ever-popular Alasht Collection, this award-winning brand knows exactly how to create drama for an interior space. The firm recently won a 2018 Carpet Design Award at Domotex Hannover.


Rug Star

2017 J. Dahlmanns by Castagnoli 01

The highly innovative Berlin-based Rug Star by Jürgen Dahlmanns is a true trend-setting brand, creating unique, art-led designs that can be contemporary in theme or clever twists on antique patterns. The company’s designs are wide-reaching in scope and creativity with high quality at the heart of everything that it produces. Last year Jürgen Dahlmanns not only opened new showrooms in Beijing and Shanghai but also released his new high- end tufted carpet collection, which is made in China.

rug star

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