Astrid Krogh’s Sky Curtain

November 04, 2015

Astrid Krogh has been awarded The Honorary Grant of the National Bank of Denmark 2015. Her 'Sky Curtain', one of three site-specific works, is now on show at the bank headquarters.


Astrid Krogh has been awarded The Honorary Grant of the National Bank of Denmark 2015. The annual prize attributed to a contemporary Danish artist was celebrated on 29th October with the opening of a site-specific exhibition at the National Bank headquarters.

The artist has described the show, entitled ‘Flux Luminous’, as ‘an invitation to meditate on the flux of life’. Three elements are included – ‘Cloud Illusion’ constructed from reflective aluminium panels; ‘Skylight’, a sculpture which mimics subtle changes of daylight in the sky; and ‘Sky Curtain’, a monumental length of silk. The textile work is draped over a tall window opening in the modernist marble space designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1965.


‘I use light as both a material and a technology,’ Krogh explains. ‘The presence of light is an essential component of my work. Light enables my textiles to pulsate, change patterns and create an entire spectrum of ever-changing colours. I begin each commission by travelling to the site to look at existing lighting, the flow of human traffic and the general buzz around it. My work is born out of intuition and sensibility, yet, takes shape according to the physical characteristics of the space.’

Photos: Torben Eskerod / Courtesy of Astrid Krogh & Galerie Maria Wettergren


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