The third episode of the ‘Following the Thread’ podcast begins with a focus on interior design. COVER Editor Lucy Upward speaks to three rug designers (Jennifer Manners, Kate Temple and Laylah Holmes) about the trends they are noticing in rug design at the moment and how these speak to wider trends in interior design. Rachel Meek and Denna Jones go on to discuss a recent exhibition at the barbican, ‘Unravel: The Power and Politics of Textiles in Art’. Lucy then delves into what COVER readers can expect from the next issue, COVER 75. 

The HALI section features editor Ben Evans discussing the new issue of HALI, which is available online from this week. Ben discusses articles of note, many of which relate to the underlying theme of the issue: the carpet and textile heritage of Turkey. Continuing this theme, the final section is an interview with Serra Oruc of the International Conference on Oriental Carpets. Oruc provides a preview for the 15th edition of the conference which is taking place in June. This episode features an exclusive offer for our listeners so it is not to be missed!

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