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Heliotrope and Plumberry

‘Concentrating solely on colour, the subtlety and peacefulness of my Graduation collection allows the designs to work seamlessly with any surroundings, just as a soft watercolour painting would’

Deirdre Dyson

The rugs of London-based brand Deirdre Dyson are globally recognised for their elegant designs, refined colouration and considered compositions. For 2024, the Graduation collection fulfils these qualities perfectly, and stands as a testament to Deirdre’s skills as an artist and an expert rug designer. The first international reveal of the Graduation collection came in January 2024—during Maison&Objet’s exclusive ‘In The City’ event—at Deirdre’s beautiful Paris gallery in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés.

Inspired by the natural world, the nine rug designs that make up the Graduation collection look to the beauty in the intense colours of landscapes and seascapes. While the designs remain considered and balanced, the hues speak volumes and Deirdre shows off her eye for colour combining and her weavers’ skills at implementing these complicated ombre colour changes. As the name of the collection suggests, here the shades blend together like watercolour paintings in luxurious wool and silk.

The Graduation collection

‘A real departure from my previous Angles collection, I enjoyed going back to basics, using colour play and wool as my canvas to evoke the beauty of nature’s landscapes’

Deirdre Dyson

Looking to the sea, in Topaz and Verdigris the focus is on the flow of colour. The former depicts warm golden shades of the sand blending into cool blues of the sea while in Verdigris the palette expresses a sea cove, moving from deep bronzes to a bright turquoise. In contrast, Astral is a moody yet calm seascape, with a structured composition and a palette of black and olive against creamy beige and a hint of peachy pink.


Three more designs in the series focus on colour transition. While Cassata looks to the Sicilian dessert with colours from greenish-yellow, chartreuse to jade, the ombre in Plumberry is warmer in hue, featuring the red and plum shades of hedgerow fruits and berries.Heliotrope takes colour to another level in its transitions from the rich indigo to a deep and delightful framboise.


In Ingots—with its dusky raspberry ground—and Impulse—a soft lilac ground—bars of bronze silk gently change shade to create depth and movement within the composition. A similar effect is created by the wavy lines in the design Pink Fizz, in which bright fuchsia to soft pink silks are graded to give the illusion of movement, against an ombre grey field.

Pink Fizz

The GoodWeave certified collection is hand-knotted in Nepal, in Tibetan wool and pure silk and has the benefit of being completely customisable for every client’s needs.

‘Importantly, my designs for this collection can be made entirely bespoke to the colour choices of my clients, they can simply pick the palette and we can make it happen’

Deirdre Dyson

The Graduation collection is Deirdre Dyson’s beautifully colourful ode to nature, showing off what is possible in hand-knotted rug design. Customers can either visit the Deirdre Dyson Gallery in London or Paris to be inspired by the carpets on display or have a virtual consultation with Deirdre or her team.

Deirdre Dyson

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