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‘Each knot, meticulously tied, tells a story. Geometric patterns, more than just decoration, become symbols whispering tales of Berber tribes, the surrounding landscapes, and even whispers of protection against unseen forces’

Abdelghani Hammoud

Founded by Abdelghani Hammoud in 2017, the brand WEBERBER represents the creative spirit of the third generation of a Moroccan Berber artisan family that has a rich heritage in crafting high-quality handmade wool rugs. The company is situated in the Middle Atlas Mountains, near Morocco’s capital city Rabat while the weavers are based nearby in Khemisset, an area with a long history of weaving excellence.

WEBERBER take pride in preserving and celebrating the traditional techniques passed down through generations of Moroccan weavers and artisans. For Hammoud a rug is ‘a vibrant tapestry woven with history and tradition’. In the company’s collections both antique and contemporary designs are honoured with patterns and textures that speak of the past and the present.

Zemmour Hanbal
Zemmour Hanbal

For 2024, two new collections show off the skills of the WEBERBER artisans. Of the first, Hammoud comments, ‘The timeless beauty of Moroccan craftsmanship is embraced with our newest collection, where heritage meets modern design’. A new collection of kilims—or as they are called locally, Zemmour Hanbal rugs—offers a window into this region’s long-standing tradition of rug-making. The intricate geometric patterns in this series are imbued with meaning and echo the rich tones that have adorned Moroccan homes for centuries: deep reds, oranges, greens and blues.

Zemmour Hanbal

‘We take pride in promoting fair-trade practices and supporting the weaving communities. By providing sustainable income opportunities for our artisans, we aim to preserve and celebrate their craftsmanship, passing down generations of traditional knowledge’

Abdelghani Hammoud
Modern rug collection

In contrast the second new collection is a range of soft, long-pile rugs with designs and motifs that capture the essence of traditional forms seen through a contemporary lens. With a distinctly modern flavour, these rugs reimagine the bold stripes of an Atlas lion, the graceful curves of a Barbary sheep and the playful energy of a mountain goat. Like the ancient Berber rugs, these geometric patterns whisper tales of local tribes and the surrounding landscapes.

Modern rug collection

‘At WEBERBER, our commitment to quality, authenticity, and craftsmanship is reflected in every rug we create, making us a trusted source for discerning customers worldwide’

Abdelghani Hammoud

As a company that views the heritage of its country of the upmost importance, WEBERBER offers beautifully crafted, sustainably produced rugs that speak of Morocco and its long weaving history. Brand owner, Abdelghani Hammoud sees these carpets as ‘expressions of the soul’ that connect owners of their owners to the heart of Berber weaving.


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