XTANT 2024, a textile gathering 

March 21, 2024

The next edition of XTANT is taking place in Palma de Mallorca

Those who have already attended an edition of XTANT in Palma de Mallorca will need little encouragement to make a return visit to this welcoming and inspiring textile event. XTANT has come to be known as a true celebration of the art in heritage crafts, and one that no real textile enthusiast can miss.

One of the XTANT 2023 workshops

Each year the show adopts a different title; for the fifth edition, set for 9-13 May 2024, the leitmotif is ROOTS. The event’s two fearsomely dynamic organisers, Kavita Parmar and Marcella Echavarria, are keen to draw all possible meanings from the term. ‘Far from looking fondly at the past as an isolated article, the examination it undertakes seeks to understand roots for what they truly are,’ explains Echavarria. ‘Not just origins, but continuous parts of a living organism, of coming to a closer holistic understanding of ourselves as both “everything” and “forever”.’

Atelier Talasin rugs in the Can Vivot patio in 2023

This year XTANT’s event will feature over 65 esteemed artists and artisans from 32 countries, including Lebanese artist Adrian Pepe, Colombian artist Ana Gonzalez Rojas, Moroccan creatives Maison Artsi, French artist Aurelie Hoegy, and the German-Indian duo behind How Are You Feeling Studio along with well-established designers like Sanjay Garg from Raw Mango & Chinaar Farouqui from Injiri, both based in India. The 15th-century patio of Can Vivot will be the primary venue for the event with additional exhibitions at contemporary art museum Es Baluard.

Huipil textile by Remigio Mestas

XTANT aims to inspire new generations to value sustainability, personal identity, tradition and responsible consumption over commercial tendencies based on unbridled consumption. ‘XTANT is more than just a festival; it’s a celebration of resilience, creativity, and cultural heritage,’ says Parmar. ‘By uniting artists, artisans, and enthusiasts from around the world, XTANT continues to enrich Palma de Mallorca’s cultural landscape and position the city as a hub for textile art and heritage craft know-how.’

Adrian Pepe

With enriching conversations, workshops, meetings and rituals, XTANT’s community values foster a sense of togetherness and purpose in the fight for keeping textile traditions alive and promoting responsible making.

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