Flanders Flooring Days 2023

February 23, 2023

The second edition of Flanders Flooring Days will take place from 22–25 May 2023

The first edition of Flanders Flooring Days in 2022 boasted over 1000 visitors from around the world. Following on from this huge success, the event will take place again from 22–25 May 2023 on a bigger scale, with more companies from the Flanders region taking part. The fair shows what Flanders has to offer to the worldwide carpet and flooring industry, granting visitors the opportunity to gain a greater appreciation of brands that they had perhaps previously only heard of.

Flanders Flooring Days

Spanning across 25km, and with twelve manufacturers, Flanders Flooring Days 2023 promises to be an intimate show, that is nonetheless an efficient and thorough guide to the current flooring trends. The list of exhibitors includes brands like Associated Weavers, Belysse, Condor Group, Lano, McThree, Osta Carpets and Real Orotex, amongst others.

Artcore Belysse

The smaller setting certainly works to the show’s advantage, allowing visitors to spend longer with brands and granting them an insider’s view into how they work. Ruben Desmet, CEO of Unilin Flooring and one of the founders, praised this aspect of the show, explaining that it is ‘like being invited to dine in the house of a friend’. Visitors will be able to enjoy one-on-one time with the people directly behind the companies, and will also be presented with the opportunity to view the full range of products that these companies produce.

Orea Osta

The founders are already making plans to expand even further for their 2024 edition of the fair, but for now, save the date for 2023.

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