Marrakech Carpet Fair

November 07, 2022

The first edition of the Marrakech Carpet Fair is taking place from 5-7 December 2022 as part of the 7th edition of Morocco's National Handicrafts Week.

Visit Marrakech where the first edition of the Marrakech Carpet Fair is taking place from 5-7 December 2022 as part of the 7th edition of Morocco’s National Handicrafts Week.

Operated by Maison de L’Artisan and supported by HALI and COVER magazines, over thirty Moroccan rug companies producing genuine Moroccan carpets will be exhibiting at the Palmeraie Rotana Resort in Marrakech. The event will showcase the best of Moroccan weaving, highlighting the outstanding level of craftsmanship achieved by Moroccan weavers which—paired with a unique design aesthetic—has ensured that Moroccan rugs continue to be highly sought after and greatly respected the world over. 

The Moroccan rug is easily recognisable because of the uniqueness of its production and design. Particularly in the Middle Atlas, the usually strictly geometrical patterns of pile rugs are based on flatweave designs, so the appearance of these rugs is influenced by the limitations of the technique. These rugs were traditionally produced by women, and a weaver’s status in traditional society was primarily defined by the virtuosity of her skills in producing flatweaves, which would later be used as a source of inspiration for pile rug designs.

Unlike most rug-weaving nations where rug making is a commercial activity, in rural areas of Morocco families still make rugs for their own consumption. Designs and motifs crop up repeatedly over long periods, linking the old to the new. It is for this reason that Moroccan rugs are such an important aspect of Moroccan culture; the carpets that are made in Morocco today are the physical product of its rich history.

Register to source beautiful Moroccan rugs at Marrakech Carpet Fair.

If you have questions regarding Marrakech Carpet Fair, please email events@hali.com.

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