Optimal Ombres

October 26, 2022

It is no wonder that ombre designs have risen in popularity, with so many companies making the art of blending coloured knots look easy

It is no easy task to create a high quality ombre effect in knots but numerous companies seem to have mastered the technique. Creating the transition from one shade to another requires the intelligent use of colour but when done well the effect is quite astounding. 

Depicting a subtle and seamless ombre design, Chord Gradient is part of Creative Matters’ new Sonance collection. When the rugs were first launched earlier this year, Creative Matters included gradient designs for clients to use alongside the other Sonance rugs, so they would sit together successfully. However, the firm is finding that the gradient rugs are very successful on their own. 

Chord Gradient Sonance Collection Creative Matters Inc

Knots Rugs’ new hand-knotted wool and silk design Ombre Sky effortlessly portrays a purply blue merging through subtle yellows and oranges to a rosy pink and represents a summer sunset. The design was just one of the brand’s latest rugs that showed at Decorex earlier this month. 

Ombre Sky Knots Rugs

At this year’s Kips Bay Palm Beach Show House back in March, red tones were all the rage. Head of Joy Street Design, Kelly Finley’s bedroom setting featured walls in deep scarlet and an opulent red velvet bed. The dark pink shades of the ombre rug by New Moon Rugs complimented the decor perfectly.

<br>Bedroom by Joy Street Design with Fade rug by New Moon Kips Bay Dallas

Jan Kath’s spectacular Spectrum collection takes inspiration from the Northern Lights. The bright swirling colours blend effortlessly to create some ethereal compositions. A single fleeting moment is captured, created by a complex blend of up to forty colours. The collection is hand-knotted in Nepal. 

Stavanger Spectrum Collection Jan Kath

Ferreira de Sá’s Gradient collection features a large number of hand-tufted designs in various materials such as bamboo, mohair and botanical silk. Blueish-Orchid comprises a great number of colours from dark charcoal at the base, through blues and greens to a dark red at the top.

Blueish Orchid Ferreira de Sá

In 2021 London brand Floor Story launched a collaborative collection with Child Studio. The seven hand-knotted wool and silk rugs are inspired by the Bauhaus movement and are an intriguing mix of geometric shapes and areas of ombre. The collection was photographed at the iconic Isokon Building in London, which became the hub of the modernist movement in the 1930’s. 

<br>Lucia Child Studio x Floor Story

Rosemary Hallgarten’s subtle Ombre collection is available in combinations of wool, silk and mohair, with a shag version to add extra plush and sheen. In the elegantly understated designs, the colours are kept simple and monochromatic.

<br>Ombre in Asher Rosemary Hallgarten

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