Editor’s Picks: Five Rugs for September

September 14, 2022

COVER presents five fabulous new handmade rug designs for Autumn

There is an increasing focus on self-expression within interior spaces, employing the notion that our individual taste can elevate a room beyond the average. A rug, as we well know, is the perfect way to implement this notion. Here we select five rugs that can bring an element of individuality and a great deal of style to a room. 

Rug in the limited edition Orientalisme collection Mo Coppoletta x Artep

Artep’s sensation new collection with designer Mo Coppoletta features in the latest issue of COVER. The idea of marrying ancient devices and modern design is taken to new heights in Orientalisme, a series of three outstanding hand-knotted rugs. Coppoletta utilises motifs formally associated with the Eastern world, including goldfish and peonies—symbolising luck and protection respectively—which are placed in modern compositions. Genuine metal thread adds an element of luxury and shimmer. 

Afghan Nomadic rug in the One of a Kind collection Cadrys

Part of the Australian brand’s One-of-a-Kind collection, this Afghan Nomadic rug by Cadrys is one of several new designs which depict terrazzo pattern. The wonderful abrash of the neutral tones gives the rug a rustic and timeless aesthetic.

<em>Four Cedar Waxwings<em> in the Storytelling collection Creative Matters x Christi Belcourt

Four Cedar Waxwings is a hand-knotted rug from Creative Matters’ Storytelling collection. Woven in 100% Ghazni wool in Afghanistan, the beautiful intricate design is taken from an original artwork by Christi Belcourt and is part of an on-going collaboration with the Métis artist.

<em>The Getting By<em> in the Artist Collaboration collection Knots Rugs x Brian Coleman

For 2022 London firm Knots Rugs has new designs to add to its impressive Artist Collaboration collection. The Getting By is a new hand-knotted wool and silk rug in the collaboration with US painter Brian Coleman. Coleman uses acrylic paint, ink and graphite on canvas, and the rug designs express his exploration of fluid and structured gestures.

Kilims in the Ceras collection Nanimarquina

Ceras is the new kilim collection by Spanish brand nanimarquina, a company that recently received Climate Neutral certification. In soft, user-friendly colours, the four Ceras designs are hand-loomed in 100% hand-spun Afghan wool.

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