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Solace Macrame Collection Creative Matters

‘We use our imaginations, skills and talents to realise inspiring designs and luxurious, sustainable creations. We pay attention to the smallest details and work to ensure unsurpassed product quality and service.’

Carol Sebert

There are multiple reasons to be drawn to the beautiful rugs of brand Creative Matters Inc. Established in 1988, the Toronto-based firm designs and creates primarily hand-knotted contemporary rug collections and custom, fair-trade floor coverings. With fourteen dynamic collections in its inventory, Creative Matters has worked in over forty countries on custom floor-covering projects with clients ranging from luxury retailers such as Bergdorf Goodman, Gucci and Louis Vuitton to hotels, corporate offices, private homes and embassies worldwide. 

It is not just the company’s great professionalism and experience that makes it a go-to brand, but also its endorsement of ethical and sustainable practices. Creative Matters proudly supports Label STEP, an international organisation committed to promoting environmentally friendly and ethical production methods. While the vast majority of the company’s collection rugs are made with Tibetan wool, it also uses local wools in India and Ghazni wool in Afghanistan. Since 2019 the brand has partnered with the Campaign for Wool Canada to create rugs in 100% Canadian wool. 

Ambient Sonance Collection Creative Matters

‘As a licensed Label STEP partner, Creative Matters produces the Sonance Collection under fair-trade conditions. Committed to producing floor coverings that meet safe working conditions and best ecological standards, Creative Matters works both locally and globally ensuring all parties throughout the supply chain are engaging in responsible business practices.’

Ana Cunningham 

For COVER Connect New York, Creative Matters is introducing four new designs from the multi-textural Macrame collection and four new ‘gradient’ designs from the subtly hued Sonance collection. Produced in India, Macrame was inspired by artisanal knotting techniques used to create unique textures. The collection celebrates the appeal and diversity of undyed wool with accent colours of dyed wool. The four new designs bring more intriguing textures and compositions to the collection.

Retreat Macrame Collection Creative Matters

The contemporary, Sonance Collection asks (and answers) the question: can sound be reflected and reimagined through art? When the Sonance collection was first launched earlier this year, Creative Matters included gradient designs for clients to use alongside the other Sonance rugs, so they would sit together successfully. However, the firm is finding that the gradient rugs are very successful on their own. Sonance is hand-knotted in Nepal in Tibetan wool and Chinese silk.

Chord Sonance Collection Creative Matters

The company is also delighted to announce that, in addition to its appearance at COVER Connect New York, it opened a satellite office in France at the beginning of 2022. This new office will now service the Creative Matters clients in Europe. 

Hemma Macrame Collection Creative Matters
Solace Macrame Collection Creative Matters

‘We can provide whatever the clients desire. We often customise our collection rugs in size, shape, colour, scale and fibre. We are also open, honest and deliver on our promises.’

Ali McMurter
Resonant Sonance collection Creative Matters

Creative Matters has the knowledge, resources and professionalism to ensure that it always delivers what the client requires. Visit the company and see the new designs at COVER Connect New York at the Metropolitan Pavilion, Manhattan on 11–13 September.  

Creative Matters

532 Annette Street,
Toronto, Ontario M6S 2C2,
Phone: +1 (0)416 934 9771
E-mail: clara@creativemattersinc.com


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