Editor’s Picks: July 2022

July 01, 2022

COVER reports on the most exciting rug collaborations in July 2022

Two heads are better than one in many situations. In terms of rugs, collaborative projects always bring about dynamic design and innovation. There is a lot of energy and joy involved when new concepts are introduced to old weaving techniques. What better way to celebrate the summer than 5 interesting rugs by designers working with established rug companies. 

Banto New Wave collection Greg Natale x Designer Rugs

Greg Natale x Designer Rugs 

Interior designer Greg Natale’s latest collection for Australia brand Designer Rugs is New Wave.  The seven new rug designs reference postmodernism and 80’s design sensibilities, with bright, joyful colours and geometric shapes reminiscent of the Memphis movement. All seven designs can be custom coloured, shaped and sized to suit any residential or commercial space.

Florae Folium rug Sam Baron x Tai Ping

Sam Baron x Tai Ping 

French designer Sam Baron has created three very dynamic rug designs for Tai Ping, which were on show during Fuorisalone in Milan last month.

The tufted RegalisBorealis and Anamorphosis designs are interpretation of the conventional floral pattern, which Baron designed using paper, pencil, graphite, chalks, brushes, and paint. 

‘The carpet is a central element in the home and par excellence decorative. I therefore looked for a particularly emblematic decorative element within the French classical repertoire. To demonstrate how unique Tai Ping’s skills are, particularly when it comes to dyeing, or the brilliance of certain materials, the different pile heights, or tufting technique and finishes…, nothing could be better than a generous and surprising bouquet of flowers composed of multiple varieties and foliage,’ Sam Baron explains.

Euphorbia rugs with designer Bethan Laura Wood x cc tapis

Bethan Laura Wood x cc-tapis

After Bethan Laura Wood’s loud, textured and shiny Super Fake collection for cc-tapis, this subtle new series Euphorbia came as a bit of a surprise. Taken from ink drawings of her euphorbia plants that Wood completed during lockdown, the delicate designs are created in 100% wool—undyed for the background with black accents.

‘I wanted to make something that was very different to the look and feel of my first rugs,’ comments Wood. ‘I’d also been long at the drawings of Aubrey Beardsley and Jean Cocteau, so the more you look at the carpets, the more you’ll find little nods to them.’

The finishing of Aletta Blush SSR x Rug Star collection

Rug Star x Stark Studio Rugs 

The main feature in our last issue of COVER, US mega-brand Stark’s collaboration with Rug Star was an exciting story to tell. Storytelling has become a vital component in the marketing of almost everything, and the most interesting aspect of this is that the creative process behind a product is fully revealed. Jürgen Dahlmanns has always been open to sharing his creative process and, for the SSR x RUG STAR Collection, the story behind the rugs is all part of the product.

Spoken Lines collection showing in Milan Colin King x Beni Rugs

Colin King x Beni Rugs 

During Milan Design Week in June, Beni Rugs showed off a new collaboration with US designer Colin King, at Alcova. The Spoken Lines collection comprises 10 designs that explore the tradition of Moroccan rug making and how it evolves alongside contemporary design influences. Marrakesh meets Milan in this geometric designs inspired by mosaic-clad Milanese entryways and rationalist architecture. King is now artistic director-at-large of Beni Rugs.

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