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Golden Glints All at Sea collection Deirdre Dyson

‘During lockdown I was stuck on my boat for about three months. I had the sea all around me for inspiration. I had lots of wonderful photographs of the changing colours of the light on the water and so I decided to see what I can create.’

Deirdre Dyson

Featuring calm, balanced compositions executed with the creative eye of an artist, the rugs of this well-respected London-based brand are driven by Deirdre Dyson’s artistic instinct and aesthetic. Combining stunning contemporary design with traditional techniques, Dyson has been producing custom-made rugs and carpets for over twenty years. Primarily hand knotted by Nepalese artisans in wool and silk, Deirdre Dyson carpets are entirely bespoke, of heirloom quality and designed to last.

The longevity of the rugs is guaranteed not only by the high quality of the materials but also by the timelessness and creativity of the designs. As a painter Dyson is inspired by nature; simple moments such as ‘the refracted light through a vase, bulrushes reflected in a lake and a folded piece of paper’ have been the starting point for Dyson’s past creations. With her small professional team, her concepts, sketches and paintings are developed into beautifully hand-crafted carpets with at least one themed carpet collection being released every year, alongside commissions from around the world.

Sunlit left and Sunlit with Sun Shaft right All at Sea collection Deirdre Dyson

‘Inspiration comes from the same things that inspire my paintings; they are just in a more graphic form.’

Deirdre Dyson

Bringing a sense of summer into any interior, Deirdre Dyson’s latest stunning collection All at Sea was conceived during time spent on a boat over lockdown. In wool and silk, the nine new designs shimmer with light and life, inspired by the abstract patterns created by light on the surrounding waters. The designs for Sunlit, Shallows and Sun Shaft were influenced by the patterns and colours created by the reflection of the sun on the sea, while Golden Glints depicts the reflected cliffs. Starfish and Seashell tell the story of the silent creatures and life beneath the water. The All at Sea rugs feature Dyson’s lively yet calming colour palette that is so easy to apply to any interior setting.

Splash All at Sea collection Deirdre Dyson

Having developed a long-term relationship with her carpet makers in Nepal, Dyson entrusts the weavers with converting her hand drawings into carpets with knot precision. There is something very exacting yet also very gentle about all of her work. These nine designs now join the dynamic Deirdre Dyson Design Library, which has been developed over two decades to include a wide range of aesthetics, from abstract to figurative. While most of her work is hand knotted, many of the designs can also be hand tufted in 100% wool.

Sea Shell All at Sea collection Deirdre Dyson

Looking to the future, the London-based Deirdre Dyson brand is branching out. With regular appearances at Maison&Objet in Paris over the past ten years, is it no surprise that the steady growth of European interest in the brand has seen Dyson recently open a gallery close to the city’s rue Saint-Germain. The new rue des Saints-Pères showroom opened before lockdown and is now home to the All at Sea collection.

Sunset All at Sea collection Deirdre Dyson
Aquarelle one wall and Shallows floor All at Sea collection Deirdre Dyson

‘The French interiors press and public reaction has been extraordinary, especially in relation to the All at Sea collection—with clients gravitating instinctively towards the large-scale carpet Golden Glints which hangs on the stone walls of the rue des Saints-Pères showroom.’

Sonia McEwen, Deirdre Dyson
Starfish All at Sea collection Deirdre Dyson

Never dictated to by fashion or trends, the artist Deirdre Dyson conceives each carpet and a yearly themed collection herself. The extensive Design Library has an elegant design to suit every taste, and the beauty of bespoke allows for each design to be custom made. The Deirdre Dyson brand has long been synonymous with understated beauty and uncompromising quality.

Deirdre Dyson

554 King’s Road
London SW6 2DZ
United Kingdom
Phone: +44 (0)20 7384 4464
E-mail: sales@deirdredyson.com


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