XTANT 2022

May 26, 2022

This year's XTANT textile event is taking place on 7-12 June in Mallorca, where the world of heritage textile craft will be fully celebrated

This year’s XTANT textile event— taking place in La Raixa, Mallorca on 7-21 June 2022— is called Trama, meaning weft in Spanish. From 7-17 June, the programme comprises a ten-day master course full of workshops, talks, and discussions with invited speakers including Li Edelkoort, Philip Fimmano, Birgitta de Vos, Vandana Shiva and Satish Kumar. 

The world of heritage textile craft will be fully celebrated while presentations, discussions and workshops will focus on topics such as cultural appropriation, transparency, radical trust, community building, intergenerational thinking, new narratives, renewable resources, closed loop systems, natural dyes and metaverse vs mesaverse. 

One of the themes of the event is: ‘The New Narrative: Heritage Empowering Technology’. Organisers Kavita Parmar and Marcella Echavarria invite visitors to ‘weave together’. The ten-day intensive programme is designed to be holistic, to nourish the mind and body with daily talks and discussions alongside yoga, craft workshops and end of day meditations.

© Aurelie Hoegy Wild Fibers Photo by Bruno Pellarin

The duo state: ‘We are convinced that heritage textiles carry in them important secrets waiting to be deciphered and rescued. Textiles are language. The first language. In the past, humans used warp and weft before words existed. The first civilisations used threads to express individuality, status, beliefs, communities and, above all, diversity.’ 

From 17-20 June the Art & Artisan Market will open for lovers of textiles in Ses Voltes, against the backdrop of Palma’s majestic cathedral. The fifty participants from twenty-five countries will include brands Raw Mango, PET Lamps, Bode and London Cloth Company.

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