COVER 67: Rug Highlights

May 18, 2022

The digital edition of COVER 67 goes live on Monday 23 May but ahead of that COVER Editor Lucy Upward selects four rug highlights from the new edition.

Euphoria, Sarabande collection, Michaela Yearwood-Dan for The Rug Company
Euphoria, Sarabande collection, Michaela Yearwood-Dan for The Rug Company
Euphoria Sarabande collection Michaela Yearwood Dan for The Rug Company

In 2022, The Rug Company are celebrating their 25th anniversary. Part of this year’s celebrations include the release of the Sarabande collection. To create the unique rugs, The Rug Company worked with the Sarabande Foundation, which was set up by fashion designer Lee Alexander McQueen as a support to creative talent. Five designers from Sarabande create a rug for the collection and Michaela Yearwood-Dan’s Euphoria design is perhaps our favourite. Artist Yearwood-Dan’s paintings depict bright abstract floral designs and in her rug the foliage design is depicted in silk against a cream wool central ground. Read more about The Rug Company’s 25th celebrations in COVER 67.

Smoke by Wool Silk

The new hand-knotted design Smoke by New Jersey’s Wool & Silk Rugs is a stunning monochrome depiction of trailing smoke. It is remarkable how light and insubstantial the smoke looks despite being expressed in a solid hand-knotted rug. Comprising 100% silk the materials add an element of delicacy and luminescence to the design by company founder and rug artist Erbil Tezcan.l expressed in a sensorial way through colour and materiality. Read about M2Rugs in COVER 67, which is out at the end of May.

Tufted rug by Tom Atton Moore
Tufted rug by Tom Atton Moore

In COVER 67 Editor Lucy Upward speaks to rug designer Tom Atton Moore about his tufting practice which has received a great deal of media attention recently. The rug designs, based on photographs Atton Moore takes of daily life and nature, are abstract compositions depicted in striking colours. They have an altogether different aesthetic than most tufted rug designs. Read the interview with Tom Atton Moore in COVER 67.

Freeplay No.1 rug Lyk Carpet
Freeplay No1 rug by Lyk Carpet

Intriguing multi-shaped rugs seem to be everywhere and Lyk Carpet has been producing some great examples in its recent FreePlay collection, which come in 6 different sets of modular shapes. Here we show Freeplay 1, which can be reshaped to fit your interior space. Made in Nepal with Tibetan wool and with hand-knotted and flatweave sections, Lyk’s rugs offer options to create intriguing areas in a room setting. See Trends in COVER 67.

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