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Rug design CE6909 detail Studio collection Choudhary Exports

‘We are a boutique manufacturing house established in 1982 in Jaipur, India. Our emphasis is on sophisticated designs and the finest quality materials and workmanship. Backed by a knowledgeable and professional team, the entire experience of working with our company is seamless and very organised,’

Ayush Choudhary

Congratulations to Choudhary Exports on the brand’s 40th anniversary year! 2022 marks 40 years of rug excellence from the Jaipur-based rug firm, which is run by Vimal Choudhary and his son Ayush. Having perfected the art of making hand-knotted rugs using the finest natural materials, cutting-edge designer collaborations and stylish in-house collections are what the boutique Indian brand excels at.

For 2022 it is great that international, in-person events are back in the offing, so to mark this special anniversary year Choudhary Exports are able to show the brand’s latest designs at the CEPC’s India Carpet Expo at the NSIC Exhibition Complex in New Delhi on 25-28 March. As one of the largest handmade carpet fairs in Asia, Ayush is clear to point out that the show is great for business: ‘The timing of the show is great too as it allows people to plan their orders for the coming months,’ he says.

Rug design CE8571 Urbane Luxe collection Choudhary Exports

The new rugs on offer include the new Artsy collection design CE6901, which has all the makings of an art rug, featuring painterly brush marks and an artistic composition of contrasting colours. The balance of hues is key, setting bright red with blues and a hint of gold, against a backdrop of tonal shades of grey, white and black. When asked how the company chooses colour palettes, Ayush explains: ‘The design team follows international trends closely through various interior design and fashion design resources. We are also receiving continuous feedback from our customers. This helps plan the colours for the coming months and season.’

Rug design CE8571 detail Urbane Luxe collection Choudhary Exports

‘Rugs have moved beyond fulfilling just the functional role of a floor covering. More and more home owners and designers like to use rugs as pieces of art,’

Ayush Choudhary
Rug design CE6901 Artsy collection Choudhary Exports

From the Studio collection, CE6650 is a monochromatic study of the drawn line. The energy of the design radiates from the movement expressed by the black lines expertly hand-knotted in wool and silk. Also from the same collection, the CE6909 design features a palette of gold set against deep black. Illustrating a flurry of artistic expression, the composition is bold but with a pared back colour scheme, so it is also highly usable for sophisticated interior spaces.

For COVER Curates, Choudhary Exports is also showing design CE8571 from the Urbane Luxe series. One of the company’s best-sellers, the collection illustrates the merging of beautiful antique rug and textile patterns and contemporary abstract designs and colourways. Asked about rug trends today Ayush replies: ‘Contemporary and modern rugs in different painterly, geometric or architectural themes still seem to be ruling the roost. Modern interpretations of classics in different forms are also a big hit.’

Rug design CE6901 detail Artsy collection Choudhary Exports
Rug design CE6909 Studio collection Choudhary Exports

Choudhary Exports are very pleased to be back exhibiting in India. ‘We look forward to reconnecting with all of our friends in the carpet industry, after a gap of almost two years,’ adds Ayush. For those not able to make it to the CEPC event, do see the company’s website where all the new designs are listed.

Rug design CE6650 detail Studio collection Choudhary Exports

‘Our focus continues to be on cutting-edge modern and contemporary designs. We continue to work on new textures and materials as well,’

Ayush Choudhary
Rug design CE6650 Studio collection Choudhary Exports

After 40 years of producing high quality Indian-made rugs, Choudhary Exports are still the brand to go to for a wide range of contemporary looks created in a variety of constructions and natural materials, always offered in an unbeatable range of price points.

Choudhary Exports

D-12,Hanuman Nagar,
Vaishali Nagar,
Jaipur 302021, Rajasthan, INDIA
Phone: +91-141-2350736, 2350732
E-mail: rugs@choudharyexports.com


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