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Bold Geometrics 1 detail Studio5

‘Creating the Bold Geometrics collection was an exciting experiment to find unique contemporary graphic elements and to enhance them with the possibilities of today’s highest quality rug handcrafting in material choice, dying technique and execution together with our partners in Kathmandu.’

Irène Münger, Creative Director and co-founder Studio5

Rug firm Studio5 consists of textile designer Irène Münger and partner Thomas Escher, who share a deep desire to create fair work and sustainable products. The duo lives in a Brutalist residence in Bern, Switzerland, which was designed by celebrated architectural studio Atelier 5. It is the architects’ name, plus the couple’s house number, and the five goats and five children they share, that gave the brand its name: Studio5.

Münger and Escher were keen to add some soft furnishings including carpets to their Bern home, so Münger rose to the design challenge. It was to be a process the pair enjoyed so much it resulted in the formation of Studio5 back in 2018. In the four years they have been working on making hand-knotted rugs in Nepal, it is natural materials, traditional craftsmanship, unique design ideas and ethical production that have driven their impressive output.

Bold Geometrics 1 Studio5

Studio5’s new collection, Bold Geometrics, comprises three distinctive geometric designs in soothing, natural shades that allow a harmonious integration into authentic interiors. The rugs are made from silk and linen, dyed with natural dyes from plants and minerals and using the highest quality craftsmanship from the Himalayas. Varied pile heights accentuate the lines, shapes and colours to enhance the dynamic compositions. Bold Geometrics 1 and 3 appear like folded origami constructions, the offset edges of the delineated shapes offering a sense of movement and depth, while Bold Geometrics 2 is more solid and architectural in structure, appearing in warm browns and oranges.

Bold Geometrics 2 detail Studio5

‘The inspiring interaction of varying colour depths and different pile heights gives the rug its particularity and generates a dynamic in interiors.’

Irène Münger, Creative Director and co-founder Studio5
Tangram cushion and plaid left and Bold Geometrics 2 detail right Studio5

The Bold Geometrics series is crafted with the same materials as Studio5’s previous collection of monochromatic silk and linen rugs Bliss. Colour is the most important aspect of the Bliss weavings, which are again made using natural dyes and come in 16 delectable shades including Forest Night, Golden Mimosa, Silver Cloud, Elephant, Nomad and Fresh Fig. With the option to colour contrast or match the rug fringe, the available palette offers many interesting combinations. 

The three Bold Geometric rugs are designed to harmonise with the Bliss collection and also the new Tangram range of matching cushions in the finest Belgian linen and soft 100% cashmere plaids made in Kathmandu. The potential creative combinations of these high-quality elements allow for unique design settings for your home interiors. New additions to the curated colour range keep the collection up to date with global trends in interior design. 

Bold Geometrics 3 detail Studio5
Bold Geometrics 3 detail Studio5

Attention to detail is what makes the Studio5 collections so compelling: from Münger’s exacting designs and carefully selected colour palette—‘I carefully composed the range of colours. Their naturalness means they are never too loud or garish, and they adapt easily to any environment,’ she explains—to the studio’s selection of premium quality materials. Ethical production is ingrained into every step of the making process, for example the studio’s use of the sustainable material linen and its membership to fair trade non-profit organisation Label STEP, which is committed to the wellbeing of weavers and workers in the handmade carpet industry.

Bliss collection colours and details Studio5
Bliss collection rug in Storm Grey left Bliss collection colours with Tangram cushion right Studio5

‘We are mindful and respectful in everything we do. We highly admire natural materials and traditional craftsmanship and want to bring out and preserve their unique qualities. We believe in the creation of fair work for more people. We love to work in partnerships, creating inspiration and trust.’

Thomas Escher, Commercial Director and co-founder
Wave 3 Deep Sea rug Among the Waves collection Studio5

Studio5’s personal and authentic service offers valuable solutions for unique interior projects while the firm’s commitments to ethical practice ensure that these innovative solutions are for the good of all.


Grüneckweg 26
3006 Bern
Phone: +49 78 752 8829
E-mail: thomas@studio5.cc


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