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Tundra detail Wintertime collection Topfloor by Esti

‘Esti Barnes is one of the best rug designers on the planet. Personally I’m honored to still work with her going on a decade. She’s still at the top of her game, still innovating, still goes out of her way to help our studio and do her part.’

US HGTV Interior Designer of the Year Finalist 2020

Topfloor by Esti has been creating fresh and innovative rugs at Design Centre Chelsea Harbour for more than twenty years. The volume of groundbreaking designs produced by company founder, Esti Barnes and a select group of collaborators, means that the Topfloor studio and showroom are always an important destination for those on the design trail, especially during citywide events, such as London Design Week, as well as at regular DCCH shows like the annual Artefact and Focus events.

This luxury rug and carpet atelier’s sleek and ambitious designs have won numerous design awards and remain popular with a distinguished clientele in the US, Europe and the Middle East. The company’s devotees value its speed, flexibility and ability to create bespoke solutions for any high-end space. The core rug collections consist of hand-tufted, hand-knotted and hand-woven rugs, and they also offer Axminster and Wilton ranges for both in-house and bespoke designs.

Company founder and Design Head, Esti Barnes, trained as a graphic designer at the School of Applied Fine Arts in her native Istanbul and ran a number of fashion and interior businesses, before relocating to London with her husband, Russell, starting Topfloor in 1998. Ever since, Esti has been refining her art with a clear understanding of how to stay ahead of industry trends by developing new styles and experimental technical solutions inspired by her travels and her lifelong involvement with art. Surface carving, sculpted wool and subtle colour gradation underpin the brand’s ‘design underfoot’ strapline.

<meta charset=utf 8>Icicle detail Wintertime collection Topfloor by Esti

‘I always go for challenging, unusual projects. I want to give volume to rugs, so my rugs are not 2D, my rugs are generally 3D or sometimes they are 2D with a 3D effect.’

Esti Barnes

A series of ‘themed’ collections have resulted from collaborations with other creatives including the calligrapher Hassan Massoudy, photographer Pam Weinstock, American artist Gianluca Franzese and the painters Nicolas Galtier and Rebecca James. But Esti Barnes continues to be inspired to create rugs of her own design that always seem to be just what her clientele are looking for.

Recently, Esti has also applied her design skills and ingenuity to a collection of casual furniture called Formitura. The four models were inspired by children’s sweets and provide stylish and fun seating and storage options for every room in the house.

Her latest rug collection, ‘Wintertime’ consists of 3starkly beautiful white rugs, each hand-tufted in wool, linen and art silk. The collection acknowledges the crisis of climate change, and results from her concern about the deadly effects of global warming. For each rug purchased from the ‘Wintertime’ collection, Topflooris donating £100 to the World Wildlife Fund charity.

<meta charset=utf 8>Tundra detail Wintertime collection Topfloor by Esti

Chill is a minimalist textural design with two versions each based on an aerial view of a rectangular frozen pool surrounded by freshly raked snow.

Icicle reflects the natural phenomena of successive drops of water that freeze as they fall to form tapered hanging icicles. Esti’s design presents two rows of icicles in opposition.

Tundra combines textures that reflect frozen earth beneath a blanket of snow; one non-linear edge that reflects the retreat of permafrost zones.

‘Wintertime aims to draw attention to the destructive effect that the melting polar icecaps have on our climate and the future of the planet.’

Esti Barnes
<meta charset=utf 8>Chill Wintertime collection Topfloor by Esti

Topfloor by Esti remains a favoured one-stop source for discerning designers and their clients. The company’s creative heart beats strongly and welcomes those seeking the wisdom and warmth of a company that loves to provide perfect solutions from their extensive repertoire.

Topfloor by Esti

2/6 Chelsea Harbour Design Centre,
London SW10 0XE
Phone: +44 (0)20 7795 3333
E-mail: info@topfloorrugs.com


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