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‘We are well known for hand-knotted rugs and the innovative use of raw materials to express the power of designs. Embracing authenticity in aesthetics, our designs carve out a new niche and modernise the traditional mastery of rug making, whilst reviving the age-old craft by working with master craftsmen, capable of producing the very finest quality rugs.’

Sambhav Sawansukha

Jaipur-based Sambhav has garnered respect for developing a great range of innovative textures, making it a go-to company for artists and designers looking to bring the rugs of their imagination into being without compromising on the potential for commercial success. As such, Sambhav rugs are stocked by renowned international retailers including EBRU in the Netherlands and Patterson Flynn Martin in the US. A regular exhibitor at Domotex since 2016, proprietary yarn shades, meticulous dye processes, unique fibre blends, precision hand-carving and distinctive surface finishes all contribute to its unique range.

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Company founder, Sambhav Sawansukha originally became hooked on rugs in his role as a management trainee for a rug producer in Jaipur, going on to launch his eponymous brand in 2015 when, after a decade creating traditional rugs in his own atelier, he decided to focus exclusively on contemporary design. The majority of Sambhav rugs are woven in remote villages of Rajasthan by master craftsmen whose skill is passed down from generation to generation. The very finest qualities are woven in the company’s boutique atelier in Jaipur. Long-running favourite collections (as seen in COVER 53) include Shibori—which employs a wool and silk blend to achieve a watercolour effect, reminiscent of Japanese tie-dyed textiles—and Mid-Century which, available in 14 different textures with varying price points, aims to ‘ease out the challenges faced in trying to find unique textures’.

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‘My primary work is creating unique textures and colour palettes. Once that is done, I simply try and make a design which can reflect that texture in its truest nature. Through colour exploration and texture innovation, I create proprietary yarn shades, unique blends and distinctive finishes.’

Sambhav Sawansukha
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The Illusion collection is Sambhav’s flagship collection of original hand-knotted designs, featuring multi-chromatic hues of silk and hand-carded wool to create a hypnotic effect of shimmering depth. Modern design meets ultimate luxury in pieces that are capable of subtly yet confidently enlivening a space. Soft marbled effects emulate marble or antique book bindings that, on a large scale, in the finest fibres, have a transformative and spellbinding effect. Similar tones effortlessly bleed and merge into one another with the utmost elegance giving the impression of a naturalistic and organic surface or phenomenon.

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The new Bohemia collection evokes an unconventional spontaneity of expression. Bold shades of upcycled sari silk emerge from more neutral backgrounds, delighting the eye with fractal reflections and reassuringly familiar but fresh repeats. Vivid, mysterious and intriguing, its designs recall the flash of colourful sarees worn by women on special occasions in India, a reference to the material silk at the heart of the collection. Made in the finest knotted quality, despite the delicacy of the silk, these rugs will last generations. The collection is part of the company’s drive towards a more sustainable future. Besides using upcycled materials, it plans to educate a wider audience on the innate sustainable credentials of handmade rugs.

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For 2022, the design focus is on large scale contemporary designs and the introduction of spicy colour palettes involving vivid yellows, oranges and reds.

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‘Our rugs originate from rich design landscapes: the ceaseless sand dunes, colourful turbans and faded frescos of the cities of Jaipur and Bikaner in Rajasthan.’

Sambhav Sawansukha
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A stalwart company offering a huge range of textures at a variety of price points, built upon the owner’s deep passion for the craft, hands-on experience and direct involvement in the creation of handmade Sambhav rugs.


Phone: +91-9829019120
E-mail: Info@Sambhav.Com


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