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<meta charset=utf 8>Design 120825 detail <meta charset=utf 8>Treasures of the Future collection Oritop

‘For several decades, our company has been among the leading international trendsetters of innovative, hand-made rugs and flatweaves.’

Fritz Langauer

As one of the longest established wholesaler of rugs in Europe, the impressive Austrian brand Oritop has great experience to share with its customers. The history of the company stretches back to 1946 when two cousins, Adil Besim and Friedrich Langauer, opened a rug shop in downtown Vienna. In 1946, their sons Ferdi Besim and Fritz Langauer joined the family business followed, 29 years later, by their grandsons, Omar Besim and Udo Langauer. In 2000 the two families agreed to part ways and Fritz Langauer took over Oritop which, having been founded in Zurich and relocated to Vienna in 2005, has grown into a family business that holds much clout in the industry.

<meta charset=utf 8>Design 120387 and Design 108932 <meta charset=utf 8>Treasures of the Future collection Oritop
Design 85184 and Design 120388 <meta charset=utf 8>Treasures of the Future collection Oritop

Today Langauer’s son-in-law Christoph Ziereis undertakes the role of Managing Director, while Fritz continues to play an active role. Since 2013 Udo has run his own enterprise, Austrian Auction Company. This is a family who live and breathe rugs and their collective experience is evident in the impressive rugs they sell. Regular exhibitors at Domotex Hanover, the Oritop stand is always adorned with the best of Afghan production, offering a mix of traditional, transitional and contemporary.

Oritop are very attuned to all areas of the rug market, particularly in Europe. The brand’s sensitivity to industry trends paired with decades’ experience means it has an unbeatable understanding of how the market works and how to react to changes quickly and effectively. Oritop rugs are well-known to be a reliable product that offers premium materials and colour quality. Added to this, the company are also competitive on price.

Design 120826 detail <meta charset=utf 8>Treasures of the Future collection Oritop

For 2022, Oritop are premiering the Treasures of the Future collection, a group of rugs hand-knotted in Afghan villages featuring high quality hand-spun, naturally dyed wool and using the traditional knotting technique. They satisfy a passion for antique rug and textile patterns and the need for sustainable living. The designs can be ordered in any size.

<meta charset=utf 8>Design 120827 and Design 123760 286 <meta charset=utf 8>Treasures of the Future collection Oritop

‘The Treasures of the Future collection draws its legitimacy, its strength and creativity from the centuries-old oriental wealth of patterns and symbols. The carpets convince with an extremely tasteful and finely harmonious colour coordination of the pattern, which is just as pleasing in an elegant living environment as it is in a cosy rustic one.’

Christoph Ziereis

Highlights from the Treasures of the Future collection include the delightful, Sahiba, Rafala, Emina and Bamika designs, which are all derived from Kaitag textiles from Dagestan. Also inspired by textile patterns, but much more elaborate in design are 124084, 124083, 124080 and 124077, which have patterns based on Azerbaijani embroideries of the 18th century. The latter, rug 124077, comprises uplifting colours and dragon abstractions in the field.

<meta charset=utf 8>Design 124077 and Design 124080 detail <meta charset=utf 8>Treasures of the Future collection Oritop
<meta charset=utf 8>Design 124083 detail and Design 124084 <meta charset=utf 8>Treasures of the Future collection Oritop

Derived from Safavid tiles, are the repeat patterns of rugs 120826, 120825 and 123762-288 while 120388 is a stylised dragon and blossom carpet design with a contemporary red colour scheme. Three Kazak designs come in the forms of 108932, 120387 and 124085, which has stylised flowers in as an attractive decorative filler near the central medallion. 85184 and 123760-286 are attractive Bakshiash designs, the former in pretty pink tones, the later with good abrash.

Bamika and Emina Oritop
Rafala and Shahiba details Oritop

‘Today, Oritop continues its great tradition by concentrating on both high-quality, original products produced in Afghanistan and carefully selected samples from all of the traditional rug-producing countries.’

Fritz Langauer
Design 123762 288 Treasures of the Future collection Oritop

For rug treasures that reflect the beauty of the past, fit perfectly into homes of the present and will last long into the future, Oritop’s new collection hits the spot with style and elegance.


Industriestraße D B16,
2345 Brunn am Gebirge
Phone: +432236315316


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