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‘We are known for design research, experimentation; breaking the boundaries between design, graphics and art; making the rug a true object of art.’

Andrea Galimberti

‘What are the possibilities of a rug design?’ is a question that one Milanese company continues to answer year on year. Always playful and innovative, each rug created under the Nodus brand is not just a statement piece, but also an investigation into materials, weaving techniques and visual language. 

Over the last twelve years the Managing Director of Nodus, Andrea Galimberti has worked with some of the most interesting names in design to create a collection of some of the most visionary rug designs on the market today. Studio Job, Jaime Hayon, Kiki van Eijk, Formafantasma and Matali Crasset are just a few of the many top designers to have worked with Nodus to create something new, something revolutionary, something completely unexpected in rug design. 

Anthropic Entropic 1 Roberto Sironi x Nodus

Creative highlights are plentiful and include Nacho Carbonell’s inspired Metal rugs made purely of brass, aluminium, copper and steel; David Elia’s stylish Bala Perdida rug inlaid with bullets; Studio Job’s mind-blowing Underworld design featuring dastardly demons; and the much-loved Studio Campana’s Circus rug made of hand-knotted hemp and rag dolls. Roberto Sironi’s recent eye-catching Anthropic Entropic rug triptych depicting earth seen from above, featured on the front cover of COVER 63. As a designer whose works tend to be three-dimensional, Sironi approached the rug designs in a similar way, using varied pile heights in wool, bamboo silk and hemp, to create depth and texture. Each Nodus rug contains a message that speaks of both the process of making and the designer’s individual aesthetic. 

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‘Our carpets are unique because they are pieces of art that tell a story, a concept that combines old tradition with a new way of thinking and designing. Each piece is a project, not a graphic and the intention is to give the customer something that is truly worth the time we invest in working on it and something that will last over time.’

Andrea Galimberti
Paint Arthur Ristor x Nodus

For 2022 the latest Nodus offering is Circus Black, a new version of the Campana Brothers’ Circus rug of 2010, which pays tribute to the diversity of our society and aims to acknowledge the work of the artisans of Brazil. Through the centuries, handwoven rugs and textiles have been part of the human story and have always reflected our environments. In more recent times they have, like art, come to reflect social topics. In 2022’s Circus Black, the rag dolls return to the hand-knotted field as in the 2010 iteration, but this time reminding us of the importance of the maker and the skills of artisans across the globe. 

Circus Black Studio Campana x Nodus

‘The new Circus Black rug for Nodus is another step in our commitment to represent our diverse society and praise all people and their heritage. This limited edition piece is an extension of a project that started in 2002 when we teamed up with Riacho Fundo Artisan Association, an NGO in the northeast of Brazil, that yielded landmark pieces such as the Paraiba Chair. It’s our long-term mission to acknowledge the origins of the work we produce, the artisans involved, and, also, the impact this has on the economic chain. Almost twenty years on, and over ten years after the original Circus Rug was unveiled, we are delighted that Nodus continues to share our belief in the power of community through design.’ 

Campana Brothers

Sustainability is an important consideration for Nodus, as Galimberti states ‘It’s not a trend. It is a must’. The firm’s Himalayan Undyed Collection—made of 100% undyed wool—is a clear nod to environmental concerns and new rugs with similar outlooks are in the pipeline. But for Galimberti, sustainability is not just about the environment but also the social aspects: ‘social sustainability also means helping young design talent, so let’s give a chance not only to the star architect but to talented people not yet well known.’ 

<meta charset=utf 8>Circus Black detail Studio Campana x Nodus

‘Nodus has no boundaries, neither conceptual nor geographical. Our main production is in India and Nepal, but we produce in many other countries, precisely because we have not only a commercial objective but also one of sustainability and research.’

Andrea Galimberti

Whatever the design, Nodus rugs make us see with fresh eyes. They make us understand more about the huge potential for rugs and how they can reflect our own existence. To see the full scope of Nodus’ work, take a look at the brand’s website.


Via Torino 21
20814 Varedo (MB), Italy
Phone: +39 0362 544 251
E-mail: info@nodusrug.it


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