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October 29, 2021

Break the mould with an irregular shaped rug! Here COVER chooses 10 of the best shaped rugs that will make your interior stand out from the crowd

Why go for a convention rectangle when choosing a new rug, when other shapes break the mould so beautifully? Irregularly shaped rugs are becoming ever more exciting and sophisticated. Rectangular and square rugs may mirror a room’s parameters but a different shape can add a new dynamic and delineate a different kind of space. Here we present ten of the best irregular shapes.

<em>Scallop Ceris<em> Jennifer Manners

Scalloped edges proved very popular for Jennifer Manners when she brought out her Scallop rug, designed by Mary Graham and Nicole Salvesen and released in 2019. 

<em>Scalloped Jute<em> in Yellow Tigmi Trading

Scalloped edges are also a feature of a new range of jute rugs sold by Tigmi Trading

Optimism collection rug by Justina Blakeney for Loloi

Some of the rugs in Justina Blakeney’s recent Optimism collection for Loloi subtly break free of the conventional rectangular shape. This can bring a more relaxed feeling to a room. 

<em>Giglio<em> rug Pieces Home

US brand Pieces Home are known for their a wide range of rugs that defy the rectangular rule, including this new wiggly Giglio rug, which is not for the faint-hearted.

<em>Squiggle<em> rug in Speckled Okej Studio

Talking of wiggly, the wool and viscose Squiggle rug by Okej Studio is particularly effective in the Speckled colour way. Rounded edges have been popular in product design recently, a concept this rug can mirror perfectly. 

<em>Diamond<em> outdoor PET rug by Charlotte Lancelot for GAN

If you need a shaped floor covering for your outside living area why not try GAN’s Diamond design made of PET, in this red and also grey colourways?

<em>Nautilus<em> Atelier Fevrier

Appearing on the front cover of COVER 55, back in 2019, Nautilus by French brand Atelier Fevrier remains one of our favourite irregular shapers even today. This rug really deserves a special interior space. 

<em>Weallcomefromvenus<em> by Patricia Urquiolas for cc tapis

Three fabulous newly released designs are: Weallcomefromvenus by Patricia Urquiola for cc-tapis, which debuted at Milan Design Week in September; the wonderful Remnant by designer Mac Collins for London’s Floor Story and Antropico Entropic 01 by Roberto Sironi for Nodus, a brand who excel in crazy shaped rugs. 

<em>Remnant<em> by Mac Collins for Floor Story

Break out of the box with a shaped rug that suits your room and your mood. 

<em>Antropico Entropic 01<em> by Roberto Sironi for Nodus

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