Matthew Bourne’s top picks from HALI Fair Online

July 01, 2021

Matthew Bourne of Christopher Farr Rugs' picks a selection of rugs and textiles from HALI Fair Online with elaborate designs

Matthew Bourne of Christopher Farr Rugs has chosen six antique textiles on display at HALI Fair Online with elaborate designs. Visit hali-fair.com to enter the Fair, associated Exhibitions and Events for free without registration to view his selection and much more.

Antique silk Uzbek Suzani embroidered textile, Central Asia, 1870. Nazmiyal
Early ‘Italianate’ double-ogival velvet (kadife), Turkey, 16th century. Francesca Galloway
Sarab camel-hair lion carpet, Iran, mid 19th century. Hadi Maktabi
Shahsavan fragment, Caucasus, 18th century. Alberto Boralevi
Checkerboard rug, Tibet, ca. 1900. Michael Woerner
Khamseh bagface, Iran, second half 19th century. Brian MacDonald

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