Spanish rug company nanimarquina introduces anti-COVID rug treatment

February 05, 2021

In February 2021 nanimarquina announced their development of a proprietary anti-viral microtechnology 'anti-COVID' rug treatment

Capacity for innovation has been a signature feature of nanimarquina since Nani Marquina founded the brand in Barcelona in 1987. In February 2021 nanimarquina announced their development of a proprietary anti-viral microtechnology ‘anti-COVID’ rug treatment. The treatment is available now for application to any rug in nanimarquina’s collections. 

Rug by nanimarquina

Building on nanimarquina’s existing range of rug treatments: resistance to stain, damp, mould, fire and UV, the new COVID-19 treatment ensures nanimarquina rugs are hygienic in response to the accelerating ‘need to generate healthy spaces’ in private and public spaces. While textiles from companies such as Italy’s protective fabric producer Argar are now certified to ISO18184, nanimarquina is the first rug company to offer ISO18184 compliant treatment for its rugs.

The anti-viral effectiveness of nanimarquina’s treatment is rated at a 97.7% decrease in SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. As a bonus the treatment also decreases a spectrum of bacterial activity by 99.9%. The treatment’s components are environmentally friendly, harmless to people and pets, and without adverse effect on rug fibres. Test results demonstrate efficacy lasts for two years. Treatment can be renewed. 

Rug by nanimarquina

Nanimarquina’s COVID-19 treatment has been tested under the international baseline analysis standards known as the ISO. There are many ISO standards for many products. Nanimarquina’s proprietary treatment has been tested and evaluated by an independent third party to gauge effectiveness against ISO Standard 18184:2019—the ISO standard applicable to ‘Textiles-Determination of antiviral activity of textile products’. ISO certification is issued when the third party agrees product efficacy meets the ISO standard. 

Anyone who wants to learn more about ISO should read ISO’s short article ‘The Great Well-Washed’. Written in August 2020, the easy-to-read guide outlines the ‘top ISO standards for keeping us clean’.

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