New rugs for Autumn 2020

October 26, 2020

COVER selects 16 rugs from recent launches that represent the best in contemporary design worldwide

Amy Kent

Amy Kent has collaborated with florist and stylist Willow Crossley to create a collection of hand-knotted rugs in wool and art silk based on the British flowers of the four seasons. Illustrated here is Autumn.

Jaipur Living

Interior, lifestyle and product designer Barclay Butera is the author of three collections out of Jaipur Living’s total 16 new lines for their August launch. Newport is a handwoven and understated piece in wool and viscose with a clear coastal influence.

Fort Street Studio

Switch Lilac is a new addition to Fort Street Studio’s Thai Silk Collection. The design combines two very different textures, shaggy and flatweave, in one tone. The effect is sculptural.

Studio Salaris x Carpet Edition

Creative consultancy Studio Salaris has teamed up with Carpet Edition, and the result is the Selce collection of rugs. The pieces are inspired by rocks shaped by natural processes over long periods of time.

GAN Rugs

Kubb and Sool make up the Zoe collection, GAN’s first collaboration with St Petersburg-based designer Daria Zinovatnaya. Launched during Madrid Design Festival, the line received a 2020 NYCxDESIGN award in the residential flooring category.

Classic Rug Collection

In a timely move, Classic Rug Collection is launching a range of easy-to-clean printed vinyl floorcloths, made in the USA. This design is based on the work of American artist Charley Harper.

Luke Irwin

Luke Irwin’s rug London Fog is a beautifully subtle ethereal design hand-knotted in wool and silk. It belongs to the Fresco & Nimbus Collection, which in the designer’s words ‘goes back to the idea of rhythm and flow being the heart of every rug’.

Calle Henzel x A/C.H. Collective

Alta Caletta (81) was designed by Calle Henzel and A/C.H. Collective. The A/C.H. collaboration programme was founded by Asa and Calle Henzel to enable contemporary artists to translate their work into alternate media and reach a wider audience.

Rankin Rugs

Afterparty, a new carpet creation from Rankin Rugs, is pure fun. High-heeled shoes, bottles, disco balls, wine spills and confetti make up the composition. In the words of Amber Rankin, it’s ‘all about kitsch modern debauchery’.

Jaipur Rugs

In the paintings that form the basis for his collection with Jaipur Rugs, architect Hiren Patel recreates personal experiences in paint, many of them connected with travel. In this way, each rug represents a moment in time.


Nature as if observed through a child’s eye—that is the theme of Zollanvari’s playful and vibrant Naïf Collection. The pattern of this rug, Molehills, is a colourful rendition of molehills on a desert-like ground and new for Autumn 2020. It is designed by Zollanvari Studio in Shiraz.


Loloey’s 2020 collection is Sirius, a line of cosmic extravagance available in handknotted, hand-tufted and Axminster qualities. Andromeda belongs to the ‘dark’ half of the series, featuring ultramarines and purples.

Tsar Carpets

Tsar Carpet’s new Circ collection is a modern take on Art Deco, courtesy of senior inhouse designer Teresa Ceberek. Icon is one of four designs. The line makes liberal use of natural undyed wool from the yarn collection Heather in addition to pale shades and earthy tones.

GAN Rugs

Inspired by Op Art, Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola’s new design for GAN, Round Mirage, follows on from her successful Mirage series for the brand. The rug has an intriguing shape, which is the result of overlapping square and circular elements, and is hand-knotted in wool.

Choudhary Exports

Choudhary has worked with Keith Pillow, the founder of Malta-based architecture and interior design firm Daaa Haus, to create a collection of rugs based on James Vella Clark’s paintings. The series is titled Convergence.

Knots Rugs

The geometric carpet 1920’s Shapes forms part of the new Textures collection by Knots Rugs and is available in high/low flatweave as well as a hand-knotted quality. The composition is 70% wool and 30% silk.

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