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September 04, 2020

For the exhibition 'Intransitiv' at Gallery Good in Berlin, Lyk Carpet designer Mareike Lienau has created two new rugs

In conjunction with Berlin Art Week and Gallery Weekend Berlin, Lyk Carpet designer Mareike Lienau has been invited to create an installation at Gallery Good in Berlin from 8-25 September 2020.

For the exhibition ‘Intransitiv’, Lienau has come up with two dynamic rug designs. Called Freeplay No.1 and Freeplay No.2, the rugs for the wall or floor are handmade from plant-dyed Tibetan Highland wool in a variety of knotting techniques. Lienau manages to detach the carpet from its assigned functions, values ​​and ideas and to present it in a completely new way. Looking at and experiencing the shapes, colours and materials of the objects should generate new knowledge, highlight other perspectives and introduce new ways of positive thinking.

<em>Freeplay No1<em> by Lyk Objects

In collaboration with Berlin-based furniture company Unique Factory, Lyk Carpet has created a small collection of poufs using sections of hand-knotted carpet. The designs Massimiliano, Collette and Fred make up the series that will also be on show at Gallery Good this month.

Mareike Lienau

Lienau comments: ‘For me as a designer, it is important to take responsibility. The topic of holistic design is a priority for me in my work as a designer. The person who lives with the product as well as the person who makes the product is my focus. So I take responsibility by deciding with respect for people and nature, how and under what circumstances my product is manufactured and how it is later lived with. With my work, I want to fuse craftsmanship, combine the unseen, and win new lovers. Looking at and experiencing this handicraft generates new insights and perspectives and enriches the exchange of information.’

<em>Freeplay No2<em> by Lyk Objects

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