A metallic taste

May 25, 2017

As noted in COVER 47 Trends, recent rug and textile collections have highlighted the prevalent use of metal in contemporary design. Here COVER selects some fine modern metallics.

As noted in COVER 47 Trends, metal threads in carpets and textiles is by no means a new phenomenon, but recent handmade rug and textile collections have highlighted the prevalent use in contemporary design, some even featuring larger pieces of metal incorporated into the pattern. Here follows a preview of some fine modern metallics.

ALG 3574 Desert Copper 240x195

Heavy Metal collection flatwoven rug, Franca Cainarca and Alberto Levi

Italian architect Franca Cainarca grew up in South America and has worked with the Alberto Levi Gallery in Milan to design a rug collection which draws inspiration from the continent’s natural resources. Strands of copper and tin are combined with fique fibres extracted from the leaves of the Fucraea andina tree, which is native to the Andean highlands, and has been used to weave garments, ropes and hammocks since pre-Columbian times.


Metallic fabric, Mónika Kovács

Following on from a textile collection inspired by the characteristics of concrete during her Textile Design M.A. at Lászlo Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest, Kovác has now turned her attention to another material more commonly associated with building than soft furnishings to capture the shimmer of a sunset in cloth.


Screen featuring etched copper tiles, Fay McCaul

London’s Fay McCaul studio mixes modern materials such as fibre optics, iridescent acrylic and metals with traditional hand-knitting methods to create her luxury Textile Surfaces for wall coverings, partitions and installations.


The Visit project featuring Hello Sonia rug with metal design by Studiopepe, produced by cc-tapis

Inspired by Sonia Delaunay, who herself designed several carpets in her lifetime (1885-1979), the Hello Sonia rug features large brass elements that render it part hanging, part furniture, part art. Shown here at The Visit project in Milan.


Metallic rug design, Rug Maker

Royal Mail licensed Rug Maker to create rugs using the postage stamp and the British Library selected them to produce an Alice in Wonderland collection to mark 150 years since the first publication of Lewis Carroll’s classic. The latest new samples showcase metallic shades.


Moss rug, Amy Kent

Teaming up with her artist sister, Lucy Kent, rug designer Amy Kent has produced a collection of rugs hand-knotted in Nepal based on abstract paintings inspired by nature. Gold thread lends lustre to Moss.

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