Jaipur Rugs’ Artisan Originals Collection

June 01, 2016

The first tufted Artisan Originals Collection born out of Jaipur Rugs' Artisan Design Project has just been launched.


In COVER 42 we reported on two innovations by Jaipur Rugs: new catalogues that feature photographs of weavers and scenes of everyday Indian life connecting clients to source, and enterprises designed to break down professional and social hierarchies and boost motivation, dignity, confidence and job satisfaction amongst workers.

One of these, the Artisan Design Project, goes far beyond simple training, offering 200 people in eight remote communities the opportunity to take part in creative workshops. Various collage tasks give a practical introduction to colour theory and at the end of the five-day training, 25 weavers from each village are provided with raw materials with which to weave their own designs. The first tufted Artisan Originals Collection born out of this endeavour has just been launched.


reArtisan-Originals---Tufted-(11) reArtisan-Originals---Tufted-(12)

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