Wall Hangings at Les Gens Heureux, Copenhagen

December 09, 2015

'Wall Hangings' at Les Gens Heureux, Copenhagen (until 15 January 2016) features works by Mimi Jung, CONFETTISYSTEM, Clarisse Demory and Jin Angdoo, Amateurs


‘Le Beuys’ (2014) by Clarisse Demory (left), ‘One Yellow Shadow’ (2014) by Mimi Jung (right)

‘Wall Hangings’ is a group exhibition at Copenhagen contemporary art gallery Les Gens Heureux (until 15 January 2016) that presents four very different creative approaches to the format.

There is new work by Mimi Jung (one half of creative studio BROOK&LYN) from the Shadow and Palm series. Inspired by the abundance of discarded palm fronds in the area surrounding her new home in Los Angeles, pieces of foliage are collected on walks around the neighbourhood, then labelled and dried. Each then goes on to inspire an individual woven composition that can be traced to a specific time and place.


‘A Flag For Every Home’ 05 & 03 (2014), Amateurs

Two pieces from the ‘A Flag for Every Home’ series by Jin Angdoo of French collective Amateurs stem from the idea ‘that every home is a micronation, with its inhabitant as its ruler and that every nation needs an emblem’. CONFETTISYSTEM art and design duo (Nicholas Anderson and Julie Ho) have applied their ruffled aesthetic that has graced big-name fashion and music industry sets to wall hangings. Clarisse Demory presents dusky natural works produced alongside Ho of CONFETTISYSTEM in the studio at the Tuscan hotel and art foundation Villa Lena.


Mimi Jung, Small Palm 2 (2015)


Textile no. 24 and Textile no. 41, CONFETTISYSTEM

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