Support Nepal Earthquake Relief Efforts

June 11, 2015

The rug industry has rallied to provide long-term aid following the Nepal earthquakes. Read about the many initiatives from leading brands and organisations and how to donate here.

Without the skill of the Nepalese weavers the contemporary carpet industry would not be what it is today. The earthquakes that hit Nepal on 25 April and 12 May this year have had a devastating effect on them and the wider community. Infrastructure has been rocked, people have lost homes, possessions, friends and family. Food is becoming increasingly expensive and life has become more challenging. Medical care, shelter and food supplies are commodities in short supply. None of this will be solved quickly.

So the question has to be, what can we do to provide ongoing support in Nepal?

Nepal Earthquake

Here is a list of organisations and brands who are acting to help in the long term and have set up ways for you to do likewise.

Label STEP are raising a fund to help the carpet weavers and workers affected. Donate by wire transfer or through ‘Bread for All’ at www.label-step.org

Goodweave have set up a specific Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund to reach its community of beneficiaries. Donate at donatenow.networkforgood.org/nepalearthquake

Tamarian have set up the Phoenix Fund to channel money to the right areas in Nepal. To read more about Ryan Higgins’ trip to Nepal see the Tamarian Facebook page.

Tufenkian have increased their matching funds for Mercy Corps from $15,000 to $25,000. Contribute at www.mercycorps.org/people/tufenkianartisancarpets/NepalEarthquake.

Feizy Rugs are encouraging contribitions to add to their $15,000 donation. You may donate in dollars or pounds at The Global Fund for Children

ORIA Charitable Fund are making collections to be distributed amongst various groups offering aid to the region including Care & Fair Nepal and the Nepal Burn & Cleft Hospital. Donate at oria.org/charitable-fund/nepal-earthquake-relief/

For the month of June 2015, Stark will contribute 10% of proceeds from the sale of all Nepal made rugs in stock to Machick’s ACHA Himalayan Sisterhood via the Stark Nepal Earthquake Relief Effort.

Warp & Weft  are donating 15% of all the company’s stock and custom sale proceeds, as well as balance payments on pending orders, directly to the weaving communities and beyond. 

Erik Lindstrom of Lindstrom Rugs has started a fundraiser to directly help colleagues and their families in Nepal, some of whom have lost everything. Donate and ‘Help Nepal Stand Tall’ at www.crowdrise.com/letsmakenepalstandtallagain/fundraiser/eriklindstrom1

COVER have an ongoing commitment to continue promoting the many initiatives that the rug industry are developing to support Nepal. A London event is planned for September 2015 to raise funds for the cause – more details to follow.

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