Zugs for Kids

October 02, 2014

Rugs for kids should be great fun and Mark Hanlon's new Zugs range is definitely that


Rugs for kids should be great fun and Mark Hanlon’s new Zugs range is definitely that. With bold, colourful designs these hand-tufted rugs are made in India from super-soft 100% wool and are perfect to brighten up any kids room with smiling faces and monsters poo.

Mark Hanlon comments: ‘From our own experience as parents we now know that kids spend almost all of their early years on the floor and we therefore wanted to create a fun and comfortable environment where our daughter could safely learn to roll, play and crawl.’

The Zugs range is currently on Kickstarter in a bid to find backers to keep the label independent. We hope that the company manages too raise the cash!


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