In Wool We Trust

July 09, 2014

Timeless, natural and versatile, wool was put in the spotlight by students from ECAL, Lausanne at In Wool We Trust, 17 – 22 June, Design Miami/Basel 2014.

Timeless, natural and versatile, wool was put in the spotlight at ‘In Wool We Trust’, 17 – 22 June at Design Miami/Basel 2014.

The exhibition paid tribute to the many various qualities of what has to be COVER’s favourite material. It featured installations by Masters students on the Product Design course at ECAL/University of Art and Design, Lausanne, in association with The Woolmark Company and Swiss skiwear brand, Mover Sportswear who pioneered the use of wool in their technical clothing.


Metamorphosis by ECAL/Seraina Lareida. Image by ECAL/Axel Crettenand

French designers Camille Blin and Ronan Bouroullec oversaw development of the show, explain their approach -“Wool as a material is part of our everyday life. Even without a specific shape or colour, it means something to each one of us. Our task was to experiment in order to shape these sensations”

Oli Stratford of London-based design magazine, Disegno describes the outcome: “The resultant projects veer from woollen candy floss to simulated snow storms; twisting threads and wafting strands. All engage with their basic material and all are beautiful.”

Six large-scale installations reacted to the open brief to examine merino wool in a poetic and offbeat way, re-inventing the impression we have of this customary fibre. It appeared variously as a dynamic moving twine, spun sugar candy and as an incredible hanging tapestry that documents the transition of wool from sheep to fabric.


Woolcandy by ECAL/Carolien Niebling. Image by ECAL/Axel Crettenand


Threaded by ECAL/Charlotte Baverel. Image by ECAL/Axel Crettenand


Comet by ECAL/Vincent Dechelette. Image by ECAL/Axel Crettenand


Comet (detail) by ECAL/Vincent Dechelette. Image by ECAL/Axel Crettenand

ECAL, in collaboration with The Woolmark Company and Mover, presents “In Wool We Trust” from ECAL on Vimeo.


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