Materia Exhibition Shanghai

April 14, 2014

Materia aims to stimulate and inspire architects, designers and producers to apply new materials to their designs.

Materia is a global network in innovative materials. The Dutch company’s aim is to encourage joint innovation to work towards a more beautiful, sustainable and high quality environment. As such, Domotex Asia/ Chinafloor was an ideal setting for two large displays of material examples to be presented.

Here we share a small sample of some of the textile related offerings. All have a unique code to identify them. As noted at IMM Cologne and other recent design fairs, there seems to be a different attitude towards fabrics emerging. Textiles that traditionally, may have been considered as having soft, ephemeral qualities are being used in structural applications, and very solid, hard elements such as concrete and metal are presented more gently with fabric like folds or sinuous patterns incorporated to their surfaces.

With some forward thinking and cutting edge design, these intriguing developments in materials could become a familiar feature in the buildings and interiors of the future.


Panespol Kioto, Panespol Systems de Alcoy, S.L., PLA708


Trespex B.W. Coloured, TRE CI SRL, PLA509


Bicicleta Rug, Nanimarquina, PLA298


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