Celebration of Archive Fabrics in Chelsea

November 07, 2013

A Celebration of Archive is the name of a new fabrics exhibition currently on at the Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour


Pertelote fabric by GP&J Baker. The vibrant ‘Pertelote’ design dates back to 1917 and was first printed for W & J Sloan of New York. As leading tastemakers of the day, their decorating commissions included Vanderbilt’s mansion in Newport and the White House in Washington DC. GP&J Baker revived the pattern in 1971 and it is still in their current collection.

A Celebration of Archive is the name of a new fabrics exhibition currently on at the Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour. The show unites leading interior designers with international design houses with an aim to present a contemporary perspective on designs from the past by reusing archive prints in new settings. One example is an original 1917 document from GP&J Baker proves that a bold archive print can look perfect in a cocktail bar designed by Carden Cunietti. The exhibition runs until 15 November.


Mandchou fabric by Pierre Frey. During the 18th century, Chinese style was at the height of its popularity with Europeans inspired by the mystery of the Far East. The ‘Mandchou’ embroidery by Braquenie at Pierre Frey represents this fantasy of China as a far away land filled with flowers and exotic animals.

lewis and woold 009

King George III by Joanna Wood and Lewis & Wood. The ‘King George III’ fabric is an exact reproduction of an 18th century document depicting the monarch’s many children. The charming pastoral scene from Christopher Moore’s archive has been screen printed by Lewis & Wood on 100% linen.

zoffany 019

Stitch Damask by Zoffany. The ‘Stitch Damask’ has been reproduced by Zoffany from the reverse side of an antique silk embroidery. Taken from their archive, contemporary techniques capture the spirit of the original.


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